Female Stereotypes in Advertising – I’m Not Buying It.

Topics: Stereotype, Advertising, Coca-Cola Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Female Stereotypes in Advertising – I’m not Buying It.
We have all seen the ads in magazines and on television for new and improved goods, but most consumers never take the time to look into the different schemes that advertisers often exploit. One example of this trickery is stereotyping. Because stereotyping is unconsciously overlooked time after time by the consumer, companies use this scheme to effectively place their product in “acceptable” circumstances. While stereotypes are found in nearly every demographic, women are particularly exploited in the advertisements I selected. Therefore, in this essay, I will explain how advertisers use female stereotypes such as their desire to be thin, the demand for them to be beautiful, and the perception that women should perform household chores. One of the most common female stereotypes is that all women desire to be thin. The media suggests that women are only beautiful when they are thin, and they imply this at a young age. For example, the physically-perfect Barbie doll has been an illustration of beauty since its creation decades ago. Furthermore, most young girls grow up admiring Hollywood actresses and models, nearly all of whom are unattainably thin. When these girls grow up, it is no wonder some of them have unhealthy self-images and poor self esteem about their bodies. This is evident in my first advertisement. In the ad, a plump, unattractive woman is transformed into a beautiful and slender in only nine weeks. While this ad claims that the consumer can lose thirty-five pounds in only a couple of months, it never describes how the customer will lose the weight, or if the product is even safe to use. By emphasizing and dwelling on the stereotype that women have a poor outlook on their bodies, the advertiser is hoping that women will look beyond the unreachable target and buy their product. Another stereotype that women are given is found in their expectation to be fashionable. Women are...
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