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oIn finance, banking refers to the activities of banks and related organizations. Banking organizations include commercial banks, central banks, investment banks and any other institution that lends money, including credit unions and credit card companies. Good dissertation banking topics examine how banks create and maximize wealth through loans and other financial instruments. Examples include loan risk assessment models, money creation and fractional reserve banking. Corporate Finance

oCorporate finance is the study of how corporations allocate capital for business purposes. It includes balance sheet analysis, investment financing, stock valuation, dividend policy and capital structuring. A good corporate finance dissertation topic examines one or more of these topics in relation to corporate growth or profit. Examples include assessing pros and cons of share buybacks, evaluating the advantages of equity financing compared to debt financing and critiquing financial performance ratios. oSponsored Links

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Personal Finance
oPersonal finance is the study of how individuals manage money and allocate capital. It examines financial behavior on an individual level rather than an organizational level. A good topic in personal finance for a dissertation looks at one or more of the financial decisions faced by private individuals and weighs the pros and cons of the available courses of action. Among examples are 401k plans, mutual fund strategies and savings plans. Investment Management

oInvestment management is the study of how investors can maximize returns using security analysis and portfolio strategy. Investment management looks not only at how to pick investments but how to weigh types of investments in a portfolio. Examples of dissertation topics in this area include mutual funds, hedging models and portfolio diversification theory....
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