Flame Test

Topics: Potassium, Metal, Chemical element Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Activity 11.2 Flame Test for Elements
0.1 g each of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, boric cid, strontium chloride, potassium chloride; 04 g of ammonium chloride, 10-20 cm3 denatured alcohol; alcohol burner; wooden popsicle sticks. Safety Tips/Hints

1. Denatured Alcohol is poisonous. Wash off any alcohol tat drops on your skin. Avoid inhaling its vapor. 2. Have a wet cloth in case of fire.
3. Ammonium chloride gives off white smoke when burned When mixed substances are being tested, the smoke could serve as background for the colors emitted by the tested elements A better visual effect is obtained. 4. The sticks are dipped in the denatured alcohol. Alcohol is volatile. When the compound is burned, its vapor will go with the alcohol. The color emitted will be observed as soon as the compound starts to burn. Do not use rubbing alcohol because it contains water. 5. Do not test more than one compound at a time.

6. Throw all used sticks in the wastebasket.
1. Use one part of ammonium chloride and one part of the compound to be tested. Prepare a mixture of each of the following compounds with ammonium chloride: a. calcium chloride
b. strontium chloride
c. sodium-chloride
d. boric acid
e. potassium chloride
2. Dip in denatured alcohol as many sticks as there are compounds to be tested. 3. Dip the end of the stick wet in alcohol into the ammonium chloride mixture of a sample. 4. Place the end of the stick containing the mixture in the flame. Observe. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each compound.

6. Tabulate your observation data:

a) What gives the color, the metallic element or non-metallic element? Explain your answer.

A metallic element gives the color whole the non-metallic element does not give color because there isn’t enough energy. The electrons are more tightly bound to the atoms of a nonmetal (nonmetals tend to have higher effective nuclear charge than metals), you need more energy...
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