Foreign Movies

Topics: Entertainment, Film, Art Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Countless Filipinos often appreciate foreign movies rather than be pleased about our own local works. Foreign film is not only foreign in terms of the country of production, but also in terms of the language used. We can see in our entertainment industry that art pieces from other countries are much preferable. As we all know, foreign movies are so popular here in our country, Filipino nowadays are getting interested in foreign films because stories were usually based from bestselling novels, natural phenomenon and futuristic plot. We watch movies for relaxation from stress, entertainment, and learning or reinforcing one’s linguistic skills in relative languages. Films also referred to as motion pictures, involves projecting a series of images into the screen to create an illusion of motion. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, enabling people to immerse in an imaginary world for a short period (Olaleye, 2007). The popularity of foreign films in general can be attributed to the fact that they use the most modern technology. People often forget to realize how much of an influence films and the messages and images on screen can have on our day to day lives.

In response to this concern, the number of people who watch foreign films is much more than people who watch the local films. People are more willing to watch foreign movies instead of local ones is reflection of this issue. One problem that makes us surprised is that people tend to enjoy foreign films more than domestic films. Local people may consider the foreign films as a novel and interesting items as actor in it looks strange and different to other films. In face of the coming of foreign films, the government should put forward some financial support to the local film industries in order to spread local culture and provides more choices to local people.

In this study the researcher wants to find out the positive and negative effect of watching foreign movies to youth...
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