fundamental and technical analysis of banking stocks

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Executive summary
Objective of Project

Research Methodology and sampling Technique

Data Analysis And Interpretation


Findings and Suggestions



Fundamental &Technical Analysis of Banking stocks” is the systematic study of the performance of banking companies stock’s in stock market and future value of the share price with help of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. While decision in share price based on actual movement of shares price measured more in money & percentage term & nothing else. In the Analysis, calculations are based on FACTS & not on HOPE. The subject of Analysis is to determine future share price movement with the help of RATIO ANALYSIS, STUDY OF GRAPH. This analysis does not discuss how to buy & sell shares, but does discuss the methods, which enables the investor to arriving at buying & selling decision. The Technical Approach to investment is essentially a reflection of the idea that prices moves in a trend that are determined by the changing attitude of investor’s toward a variety of economic, monetary, political and psychological forces. Theart of technical analysis, for it is an art, is to identify a trend reversal at a relatively early stage and ride on that trend until the weight of the evidence shows or proves the trend has reversed. And the Technical analysis states that the support and resistance is enough for price prediction untill the new high or low occurs.

It was good opportunity to familiarize myself with the stock market i.e. the capital market & their co-relation with economical environment through “Fundamental and Technical analysis of BANK NIFTY Stocks.” The analysis of banking stock gives me the opportunity to understand thoroughly this behavioural pattern’s of different stocks in industry & overall capital market. The main objective of the project research is as follows.

1. To Study the Analysis and obtain the knowledge of stock market and banking industry.

2. To Study the present behaviour & predicting the future behaviour of bank stocks in Capital market.

3. To perform Technical analysis based on charts using support and resistance.

4. To compare other banking stock with Bank Nifty Index.

To analyze the performance of company’s through Balance Sheet & Technical graph for particular shares.


The fundamental & technical analysis of banking stocks
         Study on the economical, industrial and company analysis for the project.          Selecting the sample from the available banking stock.          Evaluating each bank and its stock in the market.          Analysing each bank fundamentally and interpretation.           Technical analysis for its share traded in NSE and BSE.          Comparison of stock with Bank nifty.

         Interpretation and concluding.

During my project, I collected data through various sources primary & secondary. Primary source includes:-
1) Discussion with branch manager
2) Discussion with experts
3) Questionnaires for investors
4) Live trading in the market
Secondary source includes:-
1) Various books related to stock market
2) Books and journals related to Banks.
3) Web sites were used as the vital information source.
Reliance Money felt need of evaluating the price patterns of leading scripts mainly from the five main blue chip companies and also interested in determining the trends along with price performance in near future. This equity analysis will facilitate to investor for profitable investment. Sampling technique

The sample is taken from the population of 89 schedule bank where the information available in hand and most of the stocks are selected from the bank nifty, the sample size is 5 such as 1. State Bank Of India

2. Hdfc Bank
3. Panjab National Bank
4. Yes Bank
Sample selection methods
Sample is taken based on public and private sector bank mix....
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