Fundamental of Corporate Administration (Fca)

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Fundamental of Corporate Administration (FCA)
Tutorial Answers

Tutorial 2
Q2. Highlight the functions and power carried by CCM.
1. Act as an agent enforcing and collecting payment of prescribed fees under the laws administered. 2. Regulate matters in relation to the laws administrated 3. Encourage and promote proper conduct in corporate sector to established norms of good corporate governance 4. Enhance supply of corporate information under laws administrated 5. Research on matter relating to business activities

6. Advise Minister on matters of business activities relating to the laws administered 7. Carry out all activities as are necessary or advantageous and proper for administration of CC. Power

1. Utilize all assets of CC, both movable and immovable. 2. Impose fees or charges for service rendered by CC.
3. Appoint agents, experts or consultant to carry out its functions. 4. Provide loans to employees of CC.
5. Collaborate with other organizations to form smart partnership in implementing the functions of CC. 6. Plan and carry out human resource development and financing programme for effective implementation of its functions 7. Do all the things as aligned with its functions and power.

Q5. Discuss the types of shares available at Bursa Saham.
* Ordinary Shares
An ordinary share gives the holder voting rights in the company and entitles the person to all dividend distributions as a part-owner of the company.

* Preference Shares
*Allow holders to be paid dividends before ordinary shareholders *Have priority over asset claims if the company goes into winding up *Shareholders have a fixed dividend and only limited voting rights with respect to company affairs

Q6. Advantage of trading with bursa saham
* Enhance image, improve product & service marketability. Bursa Malaysia offers a fair market that is easily accessible with diverse and innovative product and...
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