Future of Advertising in India

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I Biplab Nandi do hereby declare that the study paper entitled “FUTURE OF ADVERTISING IN INDIA” have been declare by me partial requirement for the fulfillment of the course B.B.A (H) under West Bengal University Of Technology do not form any part or in full of any printed material or any other degree. The study paper is the result of original study work done under the guidance of Aliv Sir.

Biplab Nandi Meghnad Saha Institute Of Technology ( Techno India Group) Kolkata April 2010


I acknowledge with thanks to the people for assistance and received more respect from them in completing this project.

The attempt of this work wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the couple of the persons whom I would like to thanks for supporting me in completing my project. They are Aliv Banerjee ( Faculty of Marketingin in Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology ) for giving me this opportunity to complete my study paper in this area, Mr. Parasar Banarjee (Faculty of Finance in Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology), Mrs.Manidipa chatterjee (Faculty of HRM in Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology) and Mr. Debraj Dutta ( Teacher in charge of MBA and BBA department in Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology ) and also Mr. Arun Mitra.

I am also thankful to Sampa Mam (Librarian) for providing me with lots of reading materials.

Objectives of the Study Paper:-

• To know what is advertisement and types of advertisement.

• To examine what advertisement can do.

• To know the future of advertisement in India.

• To examine the challenges of advertisement in India.

Advertising :-

Advertising is one of the promotion or communication mix variance.

According to American Marketing Association (AMA)-
“Advertising is any paid form of non- personal and promotion of ideas goods and services by an identified sponsor.”

Advertising is persuasion of sell goods, services and ideas on behalf of the paying person.

Types of Advertising:-

Advertising coverage stands for the classification of advertising.

i. Geographic coverage- International, national, regional and local. ii. Audience coverage- Consumers, Industrial, trade, professional. iii. Demand coverage- Primary, secondary.
iv. Action coverage- Direct action, indirect action.
v. Target or item coverage- Product advertising, service advertising, institutional advertising. vi. Media coverage- Indoor, outdoor, direct, promotional.

Advertisement can do three things nicely:-

Make customer aware of a brand or product, narrate its USP or function ( in very brief time-may be maximum 30 seconds or half page of a magazine) that may satisfy a targeted consumer need/want or thirdly stimulate short term sales promotion. I doubt if advertising can do much beyond this. I even doubt it can create any of above well enough. Even if that is achieved it is great performance. It is a fallacy to think that advertising can create brands and cults. It is also fallacy to think that advertisements can create a fresh desire for instant action on part of buyer like in AIDA theory. It needs lot of field work by sales staff or agents and convincing and follow up. Public relations are rising rapidly as PR is more important than advertising to develop and sustain brands over a long period of time. That is what companies  have to bother about. Both corporate and product branding. That only can save them in disastrous...
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