Geico S Advertising Strategy

Topics: Advertising, Google, Graphic design Pages: 1 (200 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Geico’s advertising strategy revolves around its brand’s positioning. Regardless of the medium they are using (earned, paid or owned) all their campaigns and advertisements send one concise message, which is (Geico allows you to save money). Thus, what we believe has made Geico advertising a success is its use of humor and satire and its use of friendly appealing characters while maintaining the constant message of saving money. Furthermore, Geico realized that they not only should create appealing TV ads, but also they need to generate buzz. Thus, Geico would post their advertisements on their own YouTube channels, blogs, Facebook, etc.… Moreover, Geico even took it a step forward and started to create videos and content specifically for Buzzfeed. This step allowed the public to more easily share the videos and content with their colleagues, friends and family. This act helped exposing them to a wider public through transforming their owned media to earned media too. In conclusion, Geico has effectively used paid, earned and owned media in brand positioning and in spreading brand awareness. Their strategy and usage of these 3 different mediums to advertise and market has helped them grow and become the 2nd largest insurance company.
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