Gender Discrimination

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Female Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Gender discrimination, also known as
sexual discrimination,
is the practice of letting a person's
sex unfairly become a factor when deciding
who receives a job, promotion, or other
employment benefit.
It most often affects women who feel
they have been unfairly discriminated against
in favor of a man.
But there have also been cases where males have claimed that reverse discrimination has occurred-That is, the woman received unfairly favorable treatment at the expense of the man. While almost all cases of sexual discrimination

or harassment involve men victimizing women,
there is a new backlash that has seen allegations of reverse sexual discrimination.

For example.
Korea woman’s college entrance rate is very high, but the employment rate is very lower than other country. Because most of woman choose the Marriage for getting better social status. Therefore the most of Korean woman are eagerness at working. And that kind of bad experience make an employer to choose a man in same qualification. In another case, a male employee of Vision Quest National in Philadelphia filed a lawsuit alleging sexual discrimination when he was fired after complaining that he had to work nights for the company while women did not. The company had instituted a policy saying women did not have to work the night shift because the company was in a high-crime area; several female employees had threatened to quit if forced to work nights. The company claimed the policy was a bona fide occupational qualification but the courts ruled that this was not the case and sided with the male employee. some of woman said

“Korea have deep-rooted woman discriminate”
But at that time. Because of hierarchical society, The most of man was degrade to the subjugated class. Then , how about farther ancient times.?
The matriarchal society era. How can we claim for compensation?? I think the gender equality exists in terms of equal opportunity. Not at dispute for the output gap....
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