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Research paper

Influences of Local Movies on the attitude and values of Filipino Youth Today

Maria Patricia Trinidad
St. Jude
Mrs. Delia Lacandaso
Chapter 1
1.1 Inroducton
Social Media has become part of everyday life. And the Philippines have one of the highest perceptions in social media according to 24/7 Wall St. report. It has given the society new ways of life thus affecting the thoughts and behaviors of many. Among the different types of social media, movies have the biggest role. Movies, films or motions pictures are defined as a recording of moving images that tells a story and that people watch on a screen or television. It has been the most popular form of entertainment in today’s world. It provides a different world momentarily for its viewers. Before today's modern motion picture though, the Filipinos mostly rely upon the simple kind of entertainment such as making music using different kinds of raw materials, dancing. As the years pass by and the discovery and growth of technology has rapidly booming, the industry of film or motion picture was born. It was late 1880's with the invention of the first movie camera. Motion pictures were initially exhibited as a carnival novelty and developed to one of the most important tools of communication, entertainment and mass media. The first machine patented in the United States that showed animated pictures or movies was device called the "Wheel of Life" or "Zoopraxiscope" patented in 1867 by William Lincoln, moving drawings or photographs were watched through a slit in the zoopraxiscope until it was developed by several inventors in the present Digital Camera and in this generation movies has a great impact in the youth. According to National Survey done in 1996 for Philippine National Youth Commission, they found that the youth feel very proud to be Filipino, easily declaring willingness to defend the country in case of war. They put great importance on marriage and family, friends, education, work, religion, society, and money, but not much importance on recreation, hobbies, or politics. They are very sensitive to how parents and children make personal sacrifices for each other. Not only are they personally religious, but they actively participate in religious organizations very regularly. They are generally satisfied with the government's performance in the areas of their own needs The influence of social media has already identified on the youth today, and this study will particularly focus on local movies, how it affects youth of our nation. 1.1 Statement of the problem

The different kinds of movies have various contents. There genre consists of drama, romance, comedy and suspense are some types of movies. Then there is fantasy, dark comedy, horror, action, crime and psychological thriller. 1.3 Significance of study

Chapter 2
2.1 Review related list and studies

Chapter 3
3.1 Methodology:

Chapter 4
4.1 Presentation Analysis and Interpertation of Data:

Chapter 5
5.1 Summary:
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