Goal Setting Theory

Topics: Customer service, Goal setting, Motivation Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Goal Setting Theory using the Locke Theory Model of Motivation based on Work Experience at Allstate Insurance Company LaShika Renee Williams
Industrial/ Organization Psychology
Professor: Dr. Anita Blanchard
June 24, 2010
With every job there are changes that an employee has to be swift and flexible to change with in order to stay with the trend of the company. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes there has to be motivation to drive the employees to make the change for the success of the company. Motivation can be defined as the force that energizes, directs, and sustains behavior (Riggio, 2008). In this paper, it will give a description of a real life work experience and how the Goal setting theory using the Locke Model.

I joined the Allstate insurance company in February of 2009. I am a licensed agent in property and casualty insurance for North Carolina and other neighboring states. I am licensed to write and bind auto, homeowners, renters, and condos. My specific job description would be Senior Customer Insurance Professional, specializing in customer service for Allstate customers. I am also responsible for the education of each customer that calls in; making sure that they are aware of the different lines of coverage and how it could benefit them.

Since joining the company I have tried to stay with the growing changes of the company. The customer service department has transformed to service and sales and has gone through numerous changes that leads to more selling from the customer service representatives than in the past. By showing that you are flexible and can adapt to change, you are showing the leadership that you are a great employee and in the near future, your talents can be used in a different department of the company. This gave me a lot of motivation to set goals for myself to has a dismal goal of becoming promoted into education.

If we would apply this example to a theory of industrial and organization psychology, we would look at...

References: Riggio, R. E. (2008). Introduction to Industrial/Organization Psychology, 5th edition.Pearson Prentice Hall.
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