Historical Development of Accounting

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Chapter One
Acknowledgement 05 Executive Summary 06 Methodology of the study 07 Objective of study 08 Limitation of the study 09 Chapter two

Introduction 11-12 Way of growth of business 13 Planning and financial needs for business 14-15 Chapter three

Classification of sources of capital 17-18 Description of these sources 18-22 Chapter four

Sources of private equity capital 24-25 Equity capital: The cost and Benefits 26-27 Debt financing 27 The types of debt capital and description 28-30 Trade credit 31 Overview of trade credit 32 It works 33 Benefits 34 Advantage and disadvantage of debt capital 34-35 Chapter five

Advantage and disadvantage types of financing option 37-39

Chapter One

First of all we would like to thank almighty Allah for the power which enabled me to do...

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