History of Indian Advertising

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History of Indian Advertising
Press advertisements – largely imported goods which had reached Indian shores.In 1930’s The talkies and radio emerge as media,color movies come.In 1950’s watershed years for Indian Advertising that time industrial revolution in india,that time Burmah Shell Vans Used For advertising ,that time cinema advertising Began.Kolkata gets the privillege of India’s first add club. That time leading add agency is Press Syndicate.In 1960’s India’s First Advertising Covention.Advertising to to be indian in Thought And Content,shift to marketing orientation.In 1960’s 1st Asian Advertising Congress held in NewDelhi.in 1970’s year Media boom in India Magazines are come Specially Fashion magazines.Life style studies,Positioning .Rural marketing Start.Public sector Advertising Start at 1980’s.That time Expansion and diversification of agencies .Aug 15th 1982- colou TV introduced in India.Radio Commercial Introduced. That time color printing more Popular.80’s formation of Indian chapter of International Advertising Association.In 1990’s Satlite Tv launched.CNN 1st channel to be beamed to India.Start and Zee groups bouquet.DD metro to counter satelite channels.90’s Movie channels and pay channels,Fm radio start .In 2000 Net advertising Start.Mainly The Role of the advertising agency- changing to that of a marketing consultant.

Portrayal of Women in the Media
* 1920’s – The Victorian hourglass figure gave way to the pencil thin flapper . By the 1960’s slenderness became the single most important indicator of physical attractiveness following the arrival of British Super Model Twiggy.Playboy Magazine also promoted the slim body type as ideal between 1958-1979
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