History of Radio Advertising

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Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is one of the earliest and most popular forms of advertising in today's world of mass media. Although television has shifted much of the audience away from radio it is undisputable that radio is always there. Radio is broadcasted everywhere twenty-four hours a day and always has the breaking news. Walter Cronkite, a famous broadcast journalist, started his career in radio and concluded, "Radio has its own special strengths and contributions. While TV pulls the big audience, it's still radio that's there virtually every place, all day, all night. It's radio that's there when disaster strikes. Radio is that medium of the single sense and frees the imagination." (Schulberg, 1989. pg 15) Nearly 98 percent of people listen to the radio primarily for news, talk, entertainment, and sports. Unlike many other mass mediums radio is much more personal and friendly which attracts large audiences. Radio audiences have concluded that they listen to the radio, much like television, because they are either bored or lonely. (Schofeld, 2005) Although radio did take a severe hit when the television was introduced into average households they still managed to make a comeback. Radio reaches 77 percent of consumers, and 80 percent of the younger audiences daily, which is remarkably comparing with the competition. Radio is now the third largest mass advertising media trailing newspapers and of course television. (Schulberg, 1989, pg 2)

Radio advertising became increasingly difficult with the dawn of the television era which prompted the need for new ideas to reach the audience. Instead of working against television which was virtually impossible radio companies began working with them. In the early to mid 90s Fox was having trouble obtaining the younger audience that they wanted so they looked to the radio. During this time the younger audience was one of the radio's highest audience percentage thus Fox began advertising their network over...

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