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Topics: Confederate States of America, American Civil War, United States Pages: 11 (3820 words) Published: February 17, 2015
Colton Bauserman
Mr. Huggins
U.S. History
The South's Disadvantage in the Civil War
The greatest battle in our nation’s history was the Civil War. The Civil war was a very complicated war but most people just say that the North won just because they were better. Well that’s not all the accurate. The Confederacy lost this was because of a few disadvantages not because they were inferior to the Union. This Disadvantages were, the Confederacy had little time to prepare for a war of such importance, the troops of the south found themselves losing faith and fighting for a lost cause, a lack of leadership by their President, Jefferson Davis, innovations of weapons making easier for anyone to be accurate, lack of competent generals for the Confederacy, the Confederacies lack of an infrastructure, and the losing the battle of Gettysburg. There are more things but these played a major role in the outcome of the great Civil War.    A brief summary of the war before this essay goes into detail about it. This started when in 1861 The United States was turned into a divided country because of the two sides having very different views on certain topics. This war started because the north wanted to re-unite the union. Even though the south technically started the war the north are the ones to blame for the start of the war because they were aggravating the south and reinforcing forts in the south. The north and the south had different views for certain things and one of these things what shape would the new west take. Another issue that the two sides argued about was the issue on slavery in the new territories. This then lead to compromise after compromise. The north thought that slavery should be illegal while the south thought I should be the states discussion not the governments. The compromises worked for a while until a Supreme Court ruling that said that you cannot take slavery away from people in the territories. This caused an outrage and all the compromises then fell apart. Also, around the same time the new president was being elected and his name was Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was from the north and because of that the south thought that he was going to try and end slavery in all of America. Even though this was never his plan it frightened the south just enough to secede from the union illegally and form their own country called the Confederate States of America.(Shaara 1-30) The south or The Confederate States of America had some advantages over the north. These are the reasons why it took so long for the North to finally overcome the south. The south had something called “home field advantage”. This home field advantage meant that most of the war was fought in the south and because of that the south new the battlegrounds more than the north new them. Also having home field advantage allowed the south to give supplies and reinforce their armies faster than the north could giving them an upper hand in longer battles. Home field advantage helped the moral of the southern troops because they were defending their homes and their family making it a personal thing for them instead of the north how was just doing what they were being told. Also, an advantage the south had was that the north was coming to them. This helped the south because all they had to do was stay put and defended. Defending is a lot easier to do then it is to be attacking which is what the north had to do. Even though the south had a couple of advantages they had a lot more disadvantages which is the reason why they ended up losing the war.(Shaara 14-20) The Confederate States of America had many disadvantages in the Civil war causing them to lose the war. One of these disadvantages was their preparation before the war. The first state to join The Confederate States of America was South Carolina who joined on February 8, 1861 and the Civil War started on April 12, 1861, this only gave the Confederate States of America about 4 months to...
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