How Advertising Work on Facebook

Topics: Advertising, Communication, Marketing Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Facebook has now becoming a worldwide social communication tool which has on average 845 million active users every month. Hence, the popularity of Facebook has emerged great amount of firms issuing their advertisements on it. One essential perspective of advertising is to successfully communicate between the marketer and the customer. And Facebook plays an essential role as it creates the medium as well as the great environment for the marketer to translate and interpret the messages to the society. Reid (2007) says by facilitating ads on Facebook, marketer are being as a part of the conversation rather than pushing the information to people as usual. Firms on Facebook can create their own pages, and locate the target audiences by assessing people’s likes and dislikes on their personal profile. The targeted audiences can be a fan (friend) of a firm or comment on the ads firms issued and therefore communication initiated. Recently, Facebook has improved an ads offering to the marketer called Sponsored Stories. That is to show a user’s friends on Facebook that the user likes a typical brand. Elaboration likelihood model can be applied to Sponsored Stories. Despite those who actively decoding the messages from the advertiser, Sponsored Stories can utilise peripheral route to persuasion. By seeing their friends’ like on a brand and peripheral cues may occurs to follow the behavior of others. (Retrieved from book) I would definitely sign up advertising space on Facebook because advertising is the business to connect with consumers. Marketers on Facebook not only attract the emotional responses from the consumers, as well it fosters consumers’ buying behavior to link between the advertisement and the brand. (Retrieved from lec notes)

Reid, A. (2007). Will facebook ad plan work? Campaign, (00082309), 16-16. Retrieved from
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