How to: Tie Dye

Topics: Hippie, Color, Great Depression Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: July 10, 2013
What do you think of when you think of tie dye? I know I automatically think of hippie’s in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, many of us who wear tie dye feel some connection with that peace loving hippie spirit! Ironically, did you know that the first tie dye was worn by Japanese warriors as early as the fifth century ( Tie dye is something that has actually been around for centuries. There have been many changes in tie dye through out the centuries. Now tie dye has evolved into being part of our mainstream fashion.

China and Japan’s early methods of tie dye involved natural dyes from flowers, berries, roots and leaves by boiling them in hot water, and dipping the cloth in the different colors ( Around the 15th century, a style of tie dye called Tsujigahana which means “flowers at crossing” became fashionable ( kind of tie dye used stitching to outline the sections of the fabric that they wanted dyed different colors. This new and improved method was great because the original dipping allowed colors to run together ( dye gained popularity in the United States during the Great Depression because it was a cheaper way to add new color to old clothes ( Pamphlets were handed out describing how to tie dye and use old cotton, flour, coffee, and sugar sacks. Probably the most popular time period known for Tie dying in the United States is the 1970’s during the Vietnam War. Tie dye was a form of artistic expression and protest for the free-spirited hippie generation (www.peaceloveandtyedye).

To tie dye a piece of clothing yourself there are a few things you need to get. Thanks to modern day convenience you can run to Walmart and buy yourself a “Tie Dye Kit”. The prices range from $10.99-$24.99 ( In the kit you will find bottles with powdered dye already in them, refill pouches of dye powder, rubbebands, and plastic gloves to protect your...
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