Humour Advertising

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Impact of humour in ads
Humour can be defined as the capability to be laughing at things, the way in which everybody sees that some things are entertaining, or the value of being funny. Funniness is generally used within publicity nowadays whether this is on radio, in newspapers, or on TV as part of daily advertising communications campaigns. TV marketing tells most of its stories in thirty second periods. With such short time frame to communicate a message across, advertisers have used humour as a way of breaking through the noise and clutter in an attempt to grab the attention of the viewer. Feelings evoked through the use of humour can also lead brand positive associations, as well as increasing the comprehension levels of the viewer. Although humour is commonly used in advertising campaigns today and due to the complexities involved in its measurement, the actual effectiveness of humour as communications tool is still a subject of much debate. On one hand, humour can enhance positive attitudes towards the product being promoted. On the other hand, the use of humour may be regarded as unsuitable for the product that is being promoted. If humour draws attention away from the product or message that the advertiser is trying to communicate, what is the real effectiveness of it as a tool of communication and why do advertisers still use it? A number of studies have been conducted regarding the use of humour in advertising. Although humour has been used in advertising for many years, due to its complexity in nature, only a few have been able to understand its actual impact and effectiveness. Despite humour being an effective mechanism for drawing attention, it is crucial for advertisers to find the appropriate type of humour for the appropriate product in order to ensure success. Attention is enhanced if the type of humour used is directly related to the product that is being promoted, therefore increasing advertising effectiveness. Advantages and drawbacks of using humour in ads !!!

Several brands used to humour in their ads in order to hold consumer’s attention. Indeed, a consumer remembers more a funny ad. In the past, ads were often boring and geeky. Nowadays, each brand tries to be more and more original, thoughtful and interesting. TV advertising is very important for increasing consumer’s awareness. Indeed, a commercial permits to improve the brand’s identity which is its fundamental means of consumer recognition. In addition, it symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors and transmits the values of the brand.Consequently, all brands can’t use humour in their ads because it is difficult to produce a funny ad for the prevention of sexually diseases. Introduction

Humour is often used in print and television media to sell products. How effective is it? It depends on how you look it. It is interesting to know what is the impact of ads on sells. Even if people find the humour amusing, does it sell? The worth thing with humour is that it is open to misinterpretation. The risk is that others might find it offensive. Humour in advertising remains controversial.

Humour in Advertising


The Encyclopedia Britannica defines humor as a ¡§form of communication in which a complex, mental stimulus illuminates, or amuses, or elicits the reflex of laughter¡¨. Many marketers use humor in advertising as a way of appealing to consumer¡¦s emotions. These positive emotions can potentially lead to cognitive processes that entice the consumer to purchase the related product. Doing it right means not only engaging the prospect but getting them to remember the product. However, that depends, among others, on Social and psychological factors, How a person has been socialized may affect there judgment of humorous advertising. Humorous advertising can be found in variety of forms including TV, radio, print media and online. What Is Humour?

There is a rather large amount of terms standing in context...
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