Ice Cream and Market Share

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Unilever Group



Trefis Estimate


$114.3 B MKT CAP
Market Price

Unilever's Skin Care & Hair Care Market Share 5 Global Hair Care Market Size 6 Global Skin Care Market Size 7 EBITDA Margin of Dove, Lux Skin & Hair Care 8 BECEL, BLUEBAND, KNORR, HELLMANN'S Unilever's Market Share of Grocery 10 Global Market Size of Grocery 11

$112.3 B MKT CAP

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EBITDA Margin of Becel, Blueband, Knorr, Hellmann's 13

Unilever N.V. (NYSE: UN) is a public limited company registered in the Netherlands, which has listings of its shares and depositary receipts for shares on the Euronext Amsterdam and of New York Registry Shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Unilever PLC (NYSE: UL) is a public limited company registered in the UK and Wales which has shares listed on the London Stock Exchange and, as American Depositary Receipts, on the New York Stock Exchange. The two parent companies, NV and PLC, together with their group companies, operate as a single economic entity, the Unilever Group. Business Information Unilever is a global market leader in savory products, dressings and spreads. Unilever manufactures soups, bouillons, sauces, snacks, mayonnaise, salad dressings, olive oil, margarine, spreads and cooking products such as liquid margarine, and some frozen foods. It markets them under key brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s, Becel/Flora (Healthy Heart), Rama/Blue Band (Family Goodness), Calvé, WishBone, Amora, Ragú and Bertolli. Savory products, dressings and spreads account for 33% of Unilever's revenues and 37% of its operating profit. Unilever is a leading manufacturer of ice cream sold under the international Heart brand, including Cornetto, Magnum, Carte d’Or, Solero, Wall’s, Kibon, Algida and Ola. Other popular brands include Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Klondike and Popsicle. Unilever is a leading manufacturer of tea beverages. Principal tea brands are Lipton, Brooke Bond and PG Tips. The ice cream and beverages business segment, as reported by the company, also includes weight management products, the principle one being Slim-Fast. It also includes nutritionally enhanced products that are sold in developing markets. Ice cream & beverages account for 20% of Unilever's revenues and 15% of its operating profit. Unilever is a market leader in mass skin care products and deodorants, and comes at a second position in daily hair care. Principal brands in personal care include Dove, Lux, and Rexona (including Sure and Degree), Sunsilk (including Seda / Sedal), Axe and Pond’s. Other important brands include Suave, Clear, Lifebuoy and Vaseline, together with Signal and Close Up in oral care. Personal care accounts for 30% of Unilever's revenues and 37% of its operating profit. Unilever's home care business includes laundry products, such as tablets,

Unilever's Market Share of Antiperspirants and Deodorants 14 Global Market Size of Antiperspirants and Deodorants 16 EBITDA Margin of Axe & Rexona 16 ICE CREAMS (WALL'S, ALGIDA)

Unilever's Market Share of Ice Creams 18 Global Market Size of Ice Creams 19 EBITDA Margin of Wall's, Algida & Other IceCreams 20 FABRIC CARE (OMO & SURF)

Unilever's Fabric Care Market Share 22 Global Market Size of Fabric Care 23 EBITDA Margin of Omo & Surf Fabric Care 25 LIPTON BEVERAGES & SLIMFAST

Unilever's Market Share of Tea Beverages 27 Global Market Size of Tea Beverages 28 EBITDA Margin of Lipton Beverages & Slim-fast 29 ORAL CARE (SIGNAL & CLOSEUP)

Unilever's Oral Care Market Share 31 Global Market Size of Oral Care 32 EBITDA Margin of Signal & Closeup Oral Care 33 HOME CARE (CIF, DOMESTO)

Unilever's Surface Care,Dish Care and Air Care Market Share 35

traditional powders and liquids for washing clothes. Tailored products including soap bars are available for lower income consumers....
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