Impact of Social Advertising in India

Topics: Advertising, Sociology, Mass media Pages: 6 (1844 words) Published: January 19, 2013
[1]J.Sindhuja, [2]K.Parthiban


Social Advertising is the first form of advertising that systematically leverages historically "offline" dynamics, such as peer-pressure, friend recommendations, and other forms of social influence. Social media has the power to transform a campaign into a religion. Social Advertising is the media message designed to educate or motivate the Indians to engage in voluntarily social activities. Social media has great potential to influence all corners of the web. It enhances the advertisement useful for the readers and also satisfies the advertisers effectively by reaching the public. This paper explores the impact of social Advertising in India by extracting the data from the public preferences on Social ads. From the collected data, it has been concluded that social ads in India has made incredible awareness and attracted the public towards it. This suggests that social advertising has a positive impact in India. Keywords: Media Message, Social Advertisement, Public preferences, Positive Impact.

Social Advertising deals with the matters of public interest such as social change, political ideas, economic policies, developmental programmes etc. It is also known as 'Public Service Advertising' or 'Social Advertising'. It promotes the community's health and well being by ensuring the ads that educate people and create awarness about drugs, diseases and other social prime issues in the country. It is otherwise called as ‘non-product’ advertising also. It means advertising various ideas which are not directly for the promotion or sell of the products or commercial services. Advertisements has become important in today’s current scenario as an indicators for social and economic progress. They enhance the direction of change in our values. In fact, a country without advertisements is inconceivable. Advertising is a medium of mass education and therefore the role it plays should be taken seriously. Advertisers sponsor through cultural, social, sports or other activities or organized programmes related to health, hygiene or education including literacy by free distribution of booklets or other reading material. Free health check up camps also organized in villages by big industries or public sectors. Advertising is made by the advertisers in newspapers, on bill boards, and in the form of short advertisements on television. It creates a awareness about the democratic right of a common man. Social Advertisements operates the corporate social responsibility. The big advertising agencies which are awarded for social services also create advertisement and produce by themselves. It also produce for the Government and their own organization with no profit and no loss basis. Thus, the advertisers in India started to contribute to the development and welfare of the society, but still it has to develop in a long way. Advertising ideas, such as, reduce traffic congestion, improve health, conserve natural resources, plan families, educate girls, increase marriage age etc. serve basic social and economic needs.

In India social advertising is in infancy stage. The social and economic welfare of a nation can be mainly attained when harmonious effort of Advertising is reached to the citizens by visualizing them the beneficiary and urge about the social ads. The image of ads are promoted in the public service advertising. Certain campaigns are arranged to promote the Social advertising in India. In India, the social ads are enhanced by popular celebrities. The people in rural areas get attracted more through the ads. They willingly engage these ads in their life and attain benefit out of it. For instance, Amitabh Bachchan come for polio immunisation ads. By viewing this more families take interest in it. According to the AdEx report of 2007, it was found that many of the...

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