Importance of Advertising

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The importance of advertising

Advertising comes in many forms; radio commercials, TV commercials, print ads, websites, and many other forms. Many of us don’t realize the importance of advertising to a business’ success or failure. Without letting everyone know about your business, no one will know where it is, what you carry, and why your store is better than the rest.

G and G supermarkets uses two major types of advertising: newspaper sales as and radio commercials. The newspaper ad comes out weekly with 2-3 pages of sale items, along with themes to make the ad brighter and eye appealing. The design of the ad is specific to G&G’s needs as well, with the most popular items in the front of the ad, drawing customers in as well as having a large variety of things to please all of our customers.

The other form of advertising G and G does is radio spots, along with hosting many radio events at the store. Just last weekend, G and G had a Cinco de Mayo celebration with a radio station at the store live giving away prizes, t-shirts, and a cruise to México. The drawings for trips, and other prizes draw in the customers to not only do their shopping on a big sale day, but also to draw in people just passing by, or those who hear on the radio that “something big is going on at G and G supermarkets today”.

Both of these advertising techniques work to G and G’s advantage in bringing customers into the store and leaving happy with their purchase. Without the advertising, though, no one would know what is on sale, how to get to our store, and other vital details. How is anyone supposed to shop in your store if they can’t find you or they don’t know what kind of business you are.
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