Influence of Fashion Advertising on Today’s Youth

Topics: Fashion, Adolescence, Advertising Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Fashion is a way to show a person’s form of personal expression, a display of self-concept, the amount of wealth a person may have, and how the fashion and advertising industries influence them. But where has the influence come from that has made it such a huge importance in our everyday lives? The fashion, media and advertising industries, are very prominent in teenagers lives. Watching TV, celebrities that they see, searching the Internet, and reading magazines are the very way that teenagers come into contact with these industries, thus it is all around them. The advertising that the youth of today are being exposed to is misleading, very prominent in today’s society and are sending the wrong idea to the girls and boys of today. You only need to open a current magazine to observe that fashion is a focus in our community. Influence from fashion advertising can cause many strains on the teenager, their family and peer group. Today’s youth are given the unrealistic expectation that they can be perfect and are willing to do anything, to be that perfect person.

Clothes these days are getting more and more provocative. They are revealing more skin and sending the wrong message to today’s community. “Sexual images are now an "inescapable" part of a child's environment,” (Rose 2010). Sexuality has been portrayed in various media representations that can set a certain standard of ‘beauty’ that is misleading or unrepresentative. Many media industries have failed to protect today’s youth from the onslaught of sexualised content that today’s advertising bring. “Many parents are concerned that the media, fashion and its advertising are encouraging girls to dress more provocatively and promote the early adoption of a sexual identity,” (Mounsey 2009).

Celebrities are very influential in today’s society. Teenagers are constantly faced with the unrealistic expectation that they can be perfect and that they need to be perfect in order to feel confident. A lot of...

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