Informative Speech Outline on Investing in the Stock Market

Topics: Stock market, Subprime mortgage crisis, Stock Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Chris S
COMM 105
Informative Speech
Investing in the Stock Market
I. There is a smile on my face, a tingling feeling throughout my entire body, my day has just turned from mediocre to marvelous as if I had won the Ohio Lottery. II. This is the feeling I have when at 9 AM I check my stock portfolio to see my money grow daily. III. During my deployment with the Army in 2008, I decided that there was no better time to invest in the stock market, and I have been doing so ever since. IV. Today I would like to inform you why to invest in stocks, give you a brief history of recent stock market events, and explain why now is the best time to invest.

(Transition): First, I will explain why you should invest in stocks, and give you the proper trading tools to do so.

1) According to Arthur Keown, author of Turning Money into Wealth, over time stocks will perform better than all other investments (Keown, 2010).
A.) Stocks exceed the rate of inflation by a large margin and will generate a high return, where as bonds and treasury bills will turn a smaller profit.
B.) Stocks can become liquid cash as simply as clicking a mouse button, while with treasury bills and bonds, they must reach maturity first or you may lose money. 2) In an age of computers, trading stocks is easier than ever due to online brokerage sites.

A.) Online brokerage firms include but are not limited to TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Scot trade, and Fidelity Brokerage Services.
B.) All of these brokerage Web sites are easy to use, give tools that clarify the markets, and give some guidance when needed, says Thomas Anderson (Anderson, 2008). 3) Another great resource for trading is a website,, which allows you to use virtual money to practice trading stocks. (Transition): Now that you have the basic understanding of why and how to invest, I will explain the current market events to further your knowledge of the Stock Market....

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