Internship in Public Relations Department of an Advertising Agency

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This report is prepared as a partial fulfillment of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program of Pokhara University. Advertising agencies has taken a huge leap since last few decades in the history of Nepal and today it is able to collaborate lwith the international giants like India. This change has occurred due to increase in creative as well as execution level of the advertising sector of the nation. With the objective of enhancing my knowledge and learning from the real work scenario, I joined Prisma Advertising as a working internee. This report includes about the work of Public Relation (PR) Department of Prisma Advertising. This report has been prepared to make understand the duties and responsibilities of PR executive and how it makes difference in the media. Chapter 1 of this report basically consists the introduction and objectives of the internship and the agency and its background, different types of services offered by Prisma Advertising. Likewise, Chapter 2 consists of the Projects undertaken in the agency, roles of the internee in the organization and importance of Public Relation Department. Chapter 3 of the report consists functions of Public Relation Department, activities performed, department analysis, problems in Public Relation Department and Solution alternatives.

Section I

1.1 Background

Internship is one of the essential parts required for the completion of MBA program. It is to provide first hand exposure to the students about the real work scenarios in business organizations. It allows students to imply their theoretical knowledge in the real workplace by enhancing their ability and confidence level in the dynamic business world. Besides, one of the objectives of this program is to enhance student’s interpersonal, communication, report writing skills as well as presentation skills and to understand different viewpoint of the staff and the customer of the organization.

1.2 Objective of the internship

The objectives of my internship at Prisma Advertising agency are:

To fulfill the requirement of MBA program of Pokhara University. To understand importance Public Relations in corporate world. To understand how public relations enhances brand image.
To comprehend successful events.

1.3 Placement

For the purpose of internship, the trainee was allowed to perform internship in the organization where she was actively working for past two years. The organization is an advertising agency named Prisma Advertising located in Kalikastha, Kathmandu. The internee had been working in Public Relations Department (PR) as an Executive.

1.4 Expected Learning
Experiencing the real life working environment
Expand the boundaries of theoretical learning
Develop better public relation skills with media as well as in corporate sector

Section II
Industry and Organization Profile

2.1 Industry Profile
There are no records of any kind that tell us about the origin and history of Nepali advertisements. The earliest form of advertising may thus be taken as the trumpet blowing tradition of kings and maharajas to disperse royal messages. The advent of Mass Communication in Nepal can be said to have been through such official proclamations, which were usually accompanied by the use of musical instruments like drums or trumpets. The age-old oral tradition of promotion by vendors selling their wares in the market can also be taken as another early form of advertising. With the national daily Gorkhapatra churning out advertisements on a regular basis, the advertising sector caught momentum, and the next major development came in the form of an advertising agency, Laxman Upadhaya’s Nepal Advertisers. The main objective of the agency was to publish flashy and attractive advertisements in the print media. Three years later, following in the footsteps of Upadhaya, Keshav Lamichane started Nepal Printing and Advertising Agency owned by Keshav...
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