Internship Report

Topics: Finance, Investment, Corporate finance Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Internship Report Template FINANCE Department
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Title Page Acknowledgements Table of Contents Table of Figures Introduction (to the report) Background of the Organization  History of the organization  Current status Organizational Structure main business activities organizational chart (if available) Overall Internship Experience  Where were you trained (Branches, Departments, Sections)?  Were there any training programmes prepared for you by the organization?  What are the tasks/responsibilities that were assigned to you?  What do you feel were your major accomplishments and learning experiences?  Were you involved in solving a particular issue? And how?  How helpful was the staff? And was there a direct mentor or a supervisor assigned to you?  What were the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?  Which of the academic courses that you have taken in SQU were the most useful in your experience and how?  Can you link any specific theory or concept you learned at the college with any of your tasks? Finance: A. For private organizations: 1. Does the firm follow certain capital budgeting techniques when analysing an investment. 2. How does the firm manage its daily financing activities (i.e. in terms of working capital). 3. What is the nature of the firm’s investments (e.g. capital assets and financial asset investments). 4. What is the firm’s financial structure a) Does the firm have access to financial markets b) Does the firm depend merely on its internal funds for financing 5. Does the firm issue marketable debt and equity securities or uses a financial intermediary (e.g. a bank) to raise funds. B. For government organizations: 1. What are the major financing decisions conducted by the institution. 2. What is the nature of the institution’s financial structure (does it depend on the internal flow of funds (the budget) or uses returns from investments to finance its activities) 3. Does the institution invest in capital...

References: (please provide references for any information quoted – where did you get the information from?) Appendix (optional: you can provide any documentation as a sample for internshiprelated cases and assignments you prepared or worked on in training; please make sure that providing such documentation is permitted by the organization or the company you had your internship in)
Notes: ** The main purpose of your internship is to experience the work-environment. You may be assigned to do your internship in a department other than Finance. However, you may still be able to gather information about the organization 's Finance activities (if any) by visiting the concerned department or by interviewing a Finance representative from the organization.
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