Julies Bakeshop

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In any business organization, data is the most important thing. Different type of information is produced from the data. When the amount of data is large, it becomes more difficult to process this data manually. In order to get quick results and timely information, electronic data processing is used in almost all organizations. As business grow up, the amount of data also increase. As a result, it becomes more difficult to process this data manually. In electronic data processing, the data can be processed with rapid speed and information is generated quickly. To run a business successfully, effective and timely decision-making is very important. This decision-making is based on the information we get from the stored data. Electronic data processing provides the required information in a computer in a complete and comprehensive way. It helps in taking effective decisions about the business. In electronic data processing system, the information can be sent to many people is less time. Different software packages are available for electronic data processing. These software packages give the facility to represent the information in different flexible ways. The Julie’s bakeshop is using manual processes. Researchers propose a system to help them make their work easy, to retrieve data much more quickly, store more data and faster decision making.

1.1 Organizational Background
A canteen concessionaire in the 1970’s, Mrs. Julia Gandionco was running three canteens when she ventured into the bakeshop business. From this innovative response to the ever-increasing need for bread in Ma’am Julie’s canteen operations, the country’s largest bakeshop chain was born, Julie’s Bakeshop! Admittedly not even a baking enthusiast, Ma’am Julie took effort to learn hands-on all she needed to know about the baking industry and laid down her business concept: Fresh, steaming hot bread baked in full view of the customers and served with courteous...
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