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Topics: Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Cambodia Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: August 6, 2013
The amount of leisure time and activities are vary from one to another region depend on that region is a city or country side. People in the metropolis such as New York or Tokyo seem very busy with their work. In contrast, Cambodian has more free time than those live in the big city. Consequently, the aim of this essay is to compare amount of leisure time between people in the United States and Cambodia, what are those people doing during free time. First of all, if we look at the amount of leisure time for the people in the region mentioned above, there is a huge difference. As stated by (The Economist, 2006) “many Americans who are certain that they, and nearly everyone they know, are overworked”, most working Americans are busy as ever. By this Americans believe that time worth more over time and this encourage them to work as much as possible to get a higher income. In Cambodia, in contrast, people have a lot more free time than the Americans do. One of most noticeable reason is that each year, Cambodia have plenty of holidays which are national, international and cultural holiday. For instance, Chinese New Year is a non-official holiday. However, most people don’t work during this time. The activities during leisure time in both American and Cambodia are similar. Cambodians like to relax but still get house hold chore done during this time. Similarly, according to The Economist (2006), Americans would consider spending their free time by doing something which are fun and consider leisure. They avoid anything relates to paying job, house works and not leisure activities. However, most Americans remain hurry during free time. For instance, as (The Economist, 2006) stated, “Even if they are playing golf or walking in the park, they may feel as if they are working”. To sum up, although amount of free time is difference between Cambodian and American, the activities remains similar, except some points like doing house works.
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