Little Red Riding Hood

Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Sigmund Freud, Libido Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Work questions for the fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’: 1: Find an example of formulaic language in the fairytale.
One upon a time

2: Find an example of repetition in the story.
-She get distracted by strawberries, flowers and butterfly.
-When Little Red Riding Hood ask the wolf, and when the wolf replied.

3: See if you can organise the fairytale according to the home-out-home structure. What normally characterises the three fazes? Home: When she is home with her mother.
Out: Out in the forest, and home with grandmother.
Home: When the wolf is dead.

4: Characters: Which are the good ones and which are the bad ones? How can you tell? Little Red Riding Hood: Good.
Grandmother: Good.
Wolf: Bad.
Mother: Good.
The Hunter: Good.
We can tell because, the wolf want to eat the grandmother and little Red Riding Hood, and its kind a child lures.

5: Little Red Riding Hood: Does she develop throughout the story – how/why? Yes, she develop through the story, because she said to her grandmother:” We must always keep to the path and never stop. That way, we come no harm.” 6: Try to place the characters in the actantian model. (You probably won’t be able to make it all match). Sender → Objekt → Reciever

The mother → the basket → the grandmother
Helper → Subjekt → opponent
Hunter → Riding Hood → wolf

7: Do the characters represent any of the three Freudian psyche parts (id, ego, super ego)? Id = the wolf
ego = Riding Hood
super ego = the hunter.

8: Freud was all about sex in his psychoanalysis. Could anything in this fairytale symbolise sex, sexual maturity etc.? (Think about ‘trylleviser’ in Danish!). Little red riding hood's hood symbolise: sex, blood, lust.

Little red riding Hood her self symbolise: innocence, harmoney, the wolf symbolise: Lust, dangerous, sex, it lures.
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