Making an Advertising Campaign

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A Project Report
Making an Ad Campaign
and Beyond...

Submitted To: Prof. Neela Rao

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- Shamli R Bhojwani (20737)
- Monica S Jedhe (20746)
- Rashika N Chanchlani (20739)
- Sameeksha S Makhijani (20748)
- Pooja M Wadhwani (20763)

Remarks: Dated: 16/09/09


1) Introduction
- 5 M’s of Advertisement
- Hierarchy of Effects Model

2) Setting of Objectives

3) Establishing the Budget
- Factors affecting the Budget
- Methods of making an Ad Budget

4) Message Generation

5) Selection of Media

6) Running an Ad Campaign

7) Evaluation of Advertisement Effectiveness

8) Conclusion

Gone are the days when people came with loudspeakers and advised us to spend on products they manufactured; lets not say that we as customers are happy with merely the launch, we have been fallen into habit of being treated as ‘king’, we like being pampered, convinced and treated as per our likings. Because of which the newspapers are printed, because of whom these hundred odd chanels are running, because of whom we know what is available? Where? ; Yes we are still talking about advertisements.

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. Ads can be a cost-effective way to disseminate messages, whether to build a brand preference or to educate people. Even in today’s challenging media environment, good ads can pay off. Ads touting the efficacy of OLAY Definite anti-aging products and Head & Shoulders intensive Treatment Shampoo helped both P&G brands enjoy double-digit sales gains in recent years.

In developing an advertising campaign, marketing managers must always start by identifying the target market and buyer motives. Then they can make the 5 major decisions based on “the 5 M’s “: Mission: what are our advertising objectives? Media: What media should we use? Money: How much can we spend? Message: What message should we send? Measurement: How should we evaluate the results?

The Five M’s of Advertising


Each of them is elaborated as follows:

1) Mission: Every advertising campaign should clearly define the advertisements mission by carefully setting out the sales goals and advertising objectives. This helps in making the advertisement more effective and also helps in gaining maximum benefits from it. Setting of the mission helps in systematic accomplishment of the advertisements objectives.

2) Money: This vitamin ‘M’ talks about the factors
related to money and money’s worth. It says that
factors needed to be considered for establishing
the budget are market share and consumer base,
competition and clutter, advertising frequency and
product substitutability. This mainly aims at finance required and its effective use in the advertising

3) Message: The most effective advertisement
campaign should be able to convey its message
properly. This includes message generation,
message evaluation and selection, message
execution and social responsibility review. This is an important ‘M’ as at the very first place it is the reason, because of which the advertisement is

4) Media: Selection of media is also very important factor to be considered for developing advertisement campaign. This talks about the reach, frequency, impact of the media to the specific type of customer. This also includes selection of major media types, specific media vehicles, media timing, geographical media allocation, etc.

5) Measurement: After evaluating the above factors, this last ‘M’ considers the measurement of the impact which particular...
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