Managerial Finance Paper

Topics: Finance, Corporate finance, Dhaka Pages: 5 (799 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Origin of the Term Paper:

This term paper is a requirement for the course Managerial Finance (FIN435) under our honorable instructor Md. Lutfur Rahman, the Department of Business Administration, East West University.

Objectives of the study:

As a part of the course Managerial Finance, we had the opportunity to prepare a term paper on Dividend policy and capital structure of the following DSE listed firms- ← Pran (AMCL)
← Dhaka Fisheries
← National Tea
← Apex Foods Limited
The objective of this term paper is to find out the dividend policies (2005-2009) followed by these companies and also to analyze their capital structure.


Primary sources of information:
For this term paper the main sources of information are the annual reports of the firm’s. We collected the annual reports of these firms from the Dhaka Stock Exchange Library. Secondary sources of information:

We first visited different websites to find information. We also search for the related topics in many online journals and hardcopy versions.


In preparing this term paper, we faced several difficulties for gathering appropriate information and other related issues. It would have been helpful for us to analyze the entire scenario if we had more sources of information. Despite these limitations we tried our best to collect necessary data and information that have been analyzed in the subsequent section. ← The focusing limitations of this study were as follows: ← Short span of time

← The number of respondents is small, so our findings may not depict the whole picture of the labor market. ← Non availability and sophisticated of required information

Pran (AMCL)

|Year |Earnings per share (EPS) in|% Dividend |Dividend per share($) |Pay-out ratio | | |Taka | | | | |2005 |50.96 |26.00 |3.85 |13.24 | |2006 |36.18 |26.00 |3.85 |9.40 | |2007 |36.66 |26.00 |3.85 |9.52 | |2008 |44.94 |28.00 |3.57 |12.59 | |2009 |49.96 |29.00 |3.45 |14.48 |

Pran (AMCL) pays regular Dividend to its share holder. According to their financial statement, we find that the company fixed amount of dividend from year 2005 to year 2009.


|Year |Earnings per share (EPS) in|% Dividend |Dividend per share($) |Pay-out ratio | | |Taka | | | | |2005 |3.88 |30.00 |3 |12.93 | |2006 |6.03 |30.00 |3 |20.1 | |2007 |13.32 |70.00 |7 |19.03 | |2008 |27.81 |240.00 |24 |11.59 | |2009 |34.48 |300.00 |30 |11.49 |

BATBC pays low regular extra dividend to its share holder. According to their financial statement,...
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