Market Survey-Construction Business Confidence Report Q1 2014

Topics: Economics, Economy, Investment Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: February 20, 2014

The report projects the current and future operating conditions of the construction industry, and allows readers to make informed business decisions. •The report aims to drive revenues by understanding present and future economic and customer issues, according to key growth regions. •The reader will be provided with information on the key challenges, opportunities and priorities likely to affect the industry’s growth prospects. •The report forecasts changes in supplier prices of various products, which is likely to influence the industry’s growth prospects over the next six months. •The report identifies key changes in consumer confidence levels in the construction industry over the next six months.

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Executive summary

“Construction Business Confidence Report Q1 2014” is a new report by that analyzes construction industry executives’ views on the global economy, expectations for consumer confidence, supplier prices, key business concerns, and how executives’ future investments are set to change in Q1 2014. This report also provides access to a regional analysis of the industry’s outlook, industry and company growth prospects, future opportunities, staff hiring, and sales performances. In addition to providing access to the opinions and strategies of global construction industry executives, it also examines their actions surrounding business priorities, threats and opportunities, and future investment areas over the next six months. Moreover, this report provides a comparative analysis of survey results with Q4 2013, wherever applicable.


The report features the opinions of construction industry respondents about the economic overview, covering the following aspects:

The state of the economy
Growth prospects and consumer confidence
Supplier prices and levels of expenditure
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