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I choose to study the magazine Glamour of December 2011. I decide this for few reasons. First of all, I take the handbag edition because I read magazine in bus or when I wait at the university for the most part, so it is better to have the most convenient edition to carry with me all the time. I use to read Glamour in France, and I like this magazine because it talks about social problem and not just make-up or clothes, even if I like reading articles about it. For example this one deals with the 50 best companies for women. That is a big question for us because we know the discrimination and to find the best job as we can do is an essential part of question about future. Moreover, I buy this magazine because it was a nail polish in it, and all of that just for only £2. As it is written in the media kit, Glamour is “stylish, award-winning editorial consistently reflects our reader's interest in the world around her while fueling her aspiration, yet accessible lifestyle.” Founded in 1939, Glamour made a success by being the First national magazine to feature an African-American on the cover (Aug ’68). The total circulation of the magazine is now about 2, 3 millions people, with 80% of subscriptions. 80% of the readers are between 18 and 49 years old, and 95% of them are woman. 63% of them are employed and most of the half is married with baby. This analyzes shows that Glamour touches a wide range of people with different ages because it proposes different topic for every generation. As I said before, Glamour proposes several paper editions: the handbag edition and the larger edition. The first one is very practical for people like me who just read magazine in public transport. If you prefer to do not have paper, you can receive the digital edition. To follow actuality of the magazine, you can go on the internet and find different website for each country in which Glamour is sold ( the United states, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Mexico, the Netherlands and South Africa) or going on social network( Twitter and Facebook). Finally, you can just subscribe to the newsletter. Glamour is present on each media available with different contents. You will naturally find a lot of advertisement on each media and the print media is the main medium of advertising for the brands of cosmetics and perfume. These luxuries are present mainly in some magazines: women's magazines. This communication medium is very powerful among the feminine magazines as Glamour is.

I.Advertising content4
b.People in advertisement5
d.Cardboard pages5
a.How does it works ?7
b.How does it affect consumer behavior ?7
c.The end of blind faith7

I. Advertising content
Advertisement represents 141 pages on 344, about 40% of the magazine. The main products represented are perfume, clothes, make-up and jewelry. When you open the magazine, you have to see two double page of advertising for Lancôme and Chanel before arriving at begins of the summary. It is on the right, in front of an ad for Candy, the new perfume from Prada. When you turn again to have the end of the summary, you find another double page of ad for clothes from Emporio Armani. Finally, you turn the page again and you find the end just in front of an ad for Michael Kors. After that, again two double page of ad for Dior and Dolce Gabbana. I write all of this for showing that begins of the magazine is made by a main part of adverstisement. To support my argument, I counted the number of ad in the 20th first page: you have 17 pages of adverstisement. It is huge but not unpleasant to look at. In fact, all of these ads are made for women; they play with different color and provide different feelings. a. Colors

We can separate a lot of advertisement in this magazine by the panel of color...

KOTLER (Philip), Atmospherics as a Marketing tool, 1973-1974
Source: ABC, June 30, 2011 |
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