Marketing and Advertising Strategy for Apple and Dellppl

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Apple company

Apple has long focused on providing the best user experiences in the world. It provides 3D effect of its graphic advertisement. These are the latest banner ads marketing Apple product, that is MacBook. Apple concentrates on banner ads and it can also direct video clip ads to user. The Apple ads is attractive and brings an impulse to the users to get know about its product. There is a big title over each ads that clear enough to show you what is the product Apple is actually advertising. Apple’s website now brings in the second highest number of unique visitors to online retailers, according to the data published by the research firm, comScore. Furthermore, the ability of Apple to attract more visitors can be proved by the increase of traffic by 19 percent from year 2010. Besides , Apple practice market segmentation by dividing the market into education store and business store. Education store is aiming college students, teachers, administrators and staff regardless their grade levels as target market. Apple offers special education pricing for them when they purchase Apple products like computers, laptops and software. In contrast, business store is aiming those who are working and businessman as their target market. Apple’s expert is there to help the profitable customers to search for the most suitable solution for their business.

Dell company
It promotes sell-direct strategy. Dell has no in-house stock of finished goods inventories. It does not have to wait for the resellers to clear their own inventories. It is able to introduce a new model in the market without waiting for the inventory clearance to be done. In addition, Dell stands a dominant position compared with others as its new model is launched earlier. It builds and sells products cheaper and more efficiently than competitors. As a fact, Dell has reduced its production cost by 200 to 100 U.S. dollars.

Besides, it tries to be...
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