Marriage and Family Chapter 6 and 7

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Marriage and Family Development
Outline Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: Romance, Love and Loving Relationships.
Loving and Liking
Love as both as emotion and a behavior
1. Self-Love
2. Friendship
Love and Friendship
1. Enjoyment
2. Acceptance
3. Trust
4. Respect
5. Mutual support
6. Confiding
7. Understanding
8. Honesty

What is Love?
Love is an elusive concept.
Characteristics of Love
1. Love is Multifaceted
2. Love is based on respect
3. Love is often demanding
Caring, Intimacy, and Commitment
1. Caring- Love includes caring, or wanting to help the other person by providing aid and emotional support. 2. Intimacy- it varies, but all of them emphasize feelings of closeness. Self-disclosure refers to communication in which one person reveals his or her honest thoughts and feelings to another person with the expectations that truly open communication will follow. 3. Commitment- is a person’s intention to remain in a relationship and work though problems. Some Theories about Love and Loving

Biochemistry of Love
Biological perspectives maintain that love is grounded in evolution, biology and chemistry. 1. Attachment Theory
(1) Secure style
(2) Avoidant style
(3) Anxious/ambivalent style
2. Reiss’s Wheel Theory of Love
Stage 1: Rapport
Stage 2: Self-Revelation
Stage 3: Mutual Dependency
Stage 4: Personality
Stage 5: Need Fulfillment
3. Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love
3 Dimensions that decide; Intimacy, Passion, Decision/Commitment A. Perfectly Matched Involvement
B. Closely Matched Involvement
C. Moderately Mismatched Involvement
D. Severely Mismatched Involvement
4. Lee’s Style of Loving
5. Exchange Theory
i. Love During Adolescence
ii. Love During Adulthood
iii. Love During Later Life
Functions of Love and Loving
Love ensures human survival
Love enhances our physical and emotional health
Love improves the quality of our lives
Love is fun
Experiencing Love
A. Barriers of Experiencing Love
1. Mass Society and Demographic Factors
2. The Double Standard
3. “Me-First” Individualism
4. Personality and Family Characteristics
When Love Goes Wrong
Narcissism: Playing with Love
Jealousy: Trying to Control Love
Other Controlling Behavior
1. If you Loved Me
2. Guilt Trips
3. Emotional and Physical Abuse
4. Other Perverse Reason for Love
How Couples Change: Romantic and Long Term Love
1) Unrequited Love
Characteristics of Romantic Love
A. Intense
B. Emotional
C. Passionate
D. Melodramatic
Love at First Sight
2) Love in Long Term Relationships
Patience, Independence, Putting other before Self, Possibility of Marriage and Making Other feel wanted Global View of Love
1. Romantic Love
2. Arranged Love
Love is healthy; it changes how we feel about ourselves and other. Love can inspire us and motivate us to care for family members, friends and lovers Love creates choice
Love finds happiness during dating, marriage and old age.
Love sometimes can be confused with jealousy or controlling behavior Love is essential to human growth and development

Chapter 7: Sexuality and Sexual Expression Throughout Life
Sexuality and Human Development
1. Sexual Identity- is awareness of ourselves as male or female and the ways in which we express our sexual values, attitudes, feeling and beliefs. 2. Sexual Orientation- a preference for sexual partners of the same sex, the opposite sex, both sexes, or neither sex. a. Homosexuals

b. Heterosexuals
c. Bisexuals
d. Asexuals
e. Transsexuals
f. Intersexuals
g. Transvestites
3. Sexual Scripts
Gender and Sexual Scripts
Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Scripts
4. The Double Standard Revisited
The Sexual Revolution and the Double Standard
Sexual Assaults, Sexual Dysfunctions and The Double Standard Why We Have Sex
Sex the First Time
1. Interpersonal Reasons
2. Peer Pressure
3. Parental Inputs
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