Mass and Media Communication

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In 21st century, we can say that almost no one can live without technology. We use technology everywhere. As the development of technology, we don’t only communicate with others face to face, but also by technology, such as telephone, computer and even the television. Human beings are influenced more and more by the different technologies. Thus, there are some communication theory to explain the complex and various phenomenon. Now, we will discuss the phenomenon, the influences and explaining them by the communication theories.

Verifying the Different Theories
There are mainly two different communication theories to explain the communication relating to technology. They are mass communication and media communication. A lot of individuals think they are the same thing. In fact, “media communication refers to any communication in which something exists between the source and the receiver.” (textbook, Page 162) However, “mass communication refers to mediated communication between a source and a large audience that is often unknown by the source.” From the definition, we can find that the media communication includes mass communication. The mass communication is a part of media communication. So they described the same thing, and mass communication just described a small part.

Influences and Effects
Mass media influenced individuals in daily life. And it did shape individauls’ attitude, perceptions, and beliefs, especially young people. Some authorities did a research, they found that a lot of people made the decision influenced by TV. They misunderstand the real word and the visual world in the television. (LMS reading, week 12, social effects on mass communication) As well as media is becoming the primary source. “The same ideas, people, or behaviors recur consistently from program to program, that is, they are presented in a stereotyped manner.” (LMS reading, week 12, social effects on mass communication) After this, people will have the same...

References: Dainton, M., & Zelly, E. D. (2011). Applying communication theory for professional life. (2nd ed., pp. 222-247). Thousand Oks,California: SAGE publications, Inc.
LMS reading, week 12, social effects of mass communication
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