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McDonald’s and Their Advertising Influence
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This essay seeks to explain the link between McDonalds advertisement and the effect on the average consumer. McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States and is also criticized for their unhealthy foods. In my analysis I will analyze the history of McDonalds and how their advertising and publicity has affected the public mindset. I will also analyze how their ads and marketing are appealing to their customers. With all of this research I conducted a survey that determined what exactly the consumer see in McDonalds that keeps them coming. I will then analyze the results and come to a conclusion on the overall impact McDonalds makes on society.

McDonald’s and Their Advertising Influence

Even though many know McDonalds may be unhealthy many still choose to eat there. This choice may be based on the influence of McDonald’s advertisements or personal choice. McDonalds has a long history that some have grown up to know and have shared this with their children. Some of the reasons society chooses to still eat there is because of their prices, advertisements and convenience. These ads that McDonalds produces create a rhetorical situation that involve and convince the audience that they have a need. From a survey conducted on their ads, the results are clear that McDonalds advertisements do make some impact and convince the consumer to buy their product. McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world and that popularity has built over time from their influence in advertisements and other media outlets. McDonalds was founded in California on May 15,1940 and since then has grown to be the largest fast food chain in the world. They serve around 68 million customers every day worldwide (McDonald’s Corporation). That kind of power came from influence and popularity of their business. The influence McDonalds uses is their knack for advertising, although they did not always have the same advertising techniques as they do today. They started out as simple jingles that showed their products and locations as being clean and a family oriented. One advertisement that shows this evolvement from their original simple methods to their now rhetorical technique is below and figure 1 in the appendix.

This photo features a baby that is sucking on a nipple that is a hamburger bun. This presents a situation to the audience in which they have to understand. The baby is simulating a sacred ritual that is normally between the baby and its mother (Speider 2012). McDonalds has also used social media to connect with consumers in a way that is acceptable with their peers. Ads of this type were never shown in the 40’s when McDonalds was created (DiPippa 2006). Over time they have gotten even more personal with the consumer to make them feel invited and comfortable.

McDonalds has one particular ad that is influencing to most and has been reviewed and analyzed by a professional. This ad is comes from the McDonalds in China and is reviewed by the company Lab Brand. The ad opens with close ups of their breakfast products and then it depicts their target customer. They depict him as a young professional in an office building. While in the quiet elevator he holds a McDonald’s bag as the elevator rises it symbolizes his ascension. From that ad Lab Brand says “McMorning is not just a breakfast; it is a tool. The McMorning breakfast does not just satisfy; it empowers. The McMorning breakfast gives this young executive the energy and confidence to rise professionally and socially” (Brand Source 2008). The purpose of this ad is to imply that a McDonalds breakfast to the consumer is advancement and a lift on their day. Although this may sound good, in reality there are fallacies to the plot of this ad. One being even if you...

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Appendix A
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