Meaning of Advertising and its types

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Definition of Advertising
Advertising is bringing a product (or service) to the attention of potential and current customers. Advertising is focused on one particular product or service. Thus, an advertising plan for one product might be very different than that for another product. Advertising is typically done with signs, brochures, commercials, direct mailings or e-mail messages, personal contact, etc. Advertising is a paid form of non personal communication about an organization or its products that is transmitted to a target audience through a mass/broadcast medium. ADVERTISING IS BIG BUSINESS

As an economy grows, advertising becomes more important—because more consumers have income and advertising can get results. But good advertising results cost money. And spending on advertising is significant. While total advertising expenditures are large, the advertising industry itself employs relatively few people. The major expense is for media time and space. Many students hope for a glamorous job in advertising, but there are fewer jobs in advertising than one might think. Advertising Objectives

Every ad and every advertising campaign should have clearly defined objectives. These should grow out of the firm’s overall marketing strategy and the promotion jobs assigned to advertising. It isn’t enough for the marketing manager to say, “Promote the product.”

The marketing manager must decide exactly what advertising should do. Advertising objectives should be more specific than personal selling objectives. One of the advantages of personal selling is that a salesperson can shift the presentation for a specific customer. Each ad, however, must be effective not just for one customer but for thousands, or millions, of them.

The marketing manager might give the advertising manager one or more of the following specific objectives, along with the budget to accomplish them:

1. Help position the firm’s brand or marketing mix by informing and persuading target customers or intermediaries about its benefits.
2. Help introduce new products to specific target markets.
3. Help obtain desirable outlets and tell customers where they can buy a product. 4. Provide ongoing contact with target customers, even when a salesperson isn’t available. 5. Prepare the way for salespeople by presenting the company’s name and the merits of its products. 6. Get immediate buying action.

7. Help to maintain relationships with satisfied customers and encourage more purchases. 8. Help build more trusting relationships with customers.

If a marketing manager really wants specific results, they should be clearly stated. A general objective is “To help expand market share.” This could be rephrased more specifically for example, “To increase shelf space in our cooperating retail outlets by 25 percent during the next three months.” The specific objectives obviously affect what type of advertising is best.

Stages of Advertising

Advertising tries to inform, influence, persuade, entertain, remind, reassure and add value to the advertised product or service. According to Paul E.J.Gerhald, advertising moves through the following stages before accomplishing its purpose: It is planned and brought into existence.

It is reproduced and delivered and exposed to people.
It is received and assimilated.
It affects ideas, intentions and attitudes.
It affects buying and buying process.
It responds to time (situation and repeated exposure).
It affects trade efforts and supply.
It affects product consumption.
It changes sales and profits.
It changes the market (size, quality mix, intensity of competition, trade relations, consumerism etc.). Types of Advertising

The advertising objectives largely determine which of two basic types of advertising to use; Product
Institutional advertising tries to develop goodwill for a company rather than to sell a specific product. Its objective is to improve the...
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