Media Effectiveness and Advertising Decisions

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Naomi De Block

End-of-year assignment :
Media effectiveness and advertising decisions

Department of economics and business administration
English for business and economics II
Instructor : Dirk Vanmassenhove

Table of contents

1. Research question p. 3

2. Introductionp. 3

3. Method p. 3

4. Literature backgroundp. 5

5. Conclusionp. 8

6. Word countp. 8

7. Referencesp. 9
1. Research question

Which advertising media is most effective to attract future customers and does this depend on the product category, demographic groups or regional factors?

2. Introduction

The objective of this study is to give companies advice about the most effective advertising media for each product category. The importance of this research is very clear. Firstly marketing became a very important aspect for the operational management during the last years, and moreover companies spend a big part of their budget on promotion in order to attract new customers and increase market share. By knowing the most effective advertising media, companies will be able to reach more potential or future clients, without spending as much as before. Secondly in times of financial crisis, marketing is very important in order to promote a certain product, because customers will compare products, prices and quality more often.

On the basis of earlier conducted research, I can conclude that researchers already invested a lot of time in the study of advertising decisions and media effectiveness, but nobody could give a specific and unambiguous answer to this research question and moreover the conclusions of different studies were inconsistent with each other. So my challenge is to examine the conclusions and results of some recent studies, compare them and try to investigate the main points of difference.

3. Method

In order to get a review of the state of affairs in the field of earlier conducted research, I consulted data bases, like Ebsco and Business Source Premier, and searched for recent published books or articles concerning my research question. As required I only used scientific sources in order to be sure that the studies are valid and reliable and can be generalized for the entire population.

After this I will be able to make a selection of the 3 most relevant studies and study them in depth to make a critical comparison of the different points of view. On the one hand it will be possible to detect the similarities in the conclusions, but on the other hand the points of difference will serve as a basis for my own research, in which I will try to test the findings by practical experience. Therefore I will set up an inquiry by using “Qualtrics”, a program provided by Lessius. In order to look at both companies and customers I will use 2 different inquiries, so that what companies would use as advertising media can be compared with the best way of convincing customers for specific product groups. The inquiry will be subdivided into different product categories, so that every participant can indicate the advertising media that is according to him/her the most effective for each product in a certain situation. Moreover they will have to chose whether a certain product needs to be recommended by informative or persuasive publicity. The respondents will be chosen randomly, so that every sex, age group and social class has the same chance to be selected. Afterwards every inquiry will be sent by post. In order to increase the response, every envelope will contain an inquiry and a stamped and addressed envelope. In case of non-response after 3 weeks, a second inquiry will be sent as a reminder. If the response rate reaches a percentage of 80% or more, I will be able to analyse my results by using the program “SPSS”, which is available and accessible in Lessius....

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