Methods of Communication and Technologies Used to Support Them

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In this report, I will review and analyze different types of communication and the various technologies used to support them. I will then explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one, the different types of technologies which support them and how they can be applied to benefit the company.

Methods of Communication


Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) are a communication service component of the GSM mobile communication system, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between mobile phone devices.[1] Some websites also allow you to communicate to mobiles via SMS for a fixed fee. To send an SMS you simply have to choose a contact from your phone, choose the text message, type up your message and then send it.

Using the internet to send an SMS is also very easy, you just have to create an account with your service provider and just enter the text and number of the person you want to contact and then send it.

MMS however is slightly different, after choosing to send an MMS from the list of options; you have to choose which type of media you want to send. MMS will allow you to send images, videos and audio clips as well as text.[2] Most mobile phones will send and receive MMS but it is not possible to send a MMS through the internet.

One of the main advantages to using MMS or SMS is that it is very easy to use, instant and quite an informal and discreet method of communication. The ability to take a picture and send it via MMS straight away to someone else would be very useful to many people, especially if you want to show a colleague an example if a new product.

Unfortunately, there are also many disadvantages to SMS and MMS. They are not very suitable for sending large amounts of information as typing it up through the phone can be tedious, and reading an extremely long message can also put strain on your eyes. There is always the possibility that whilst texting many people or if you’re in a hurry, you might accidentally send the message to the wrong person. You may not always have a signal on your phone, which makes it less reliable. More recently though, there has been concerns over the health issues over using a mobile phones, such as arthritis from texting too much and radiation from the phone as you make a call. Radio

Radio is the transmission of signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light.[3] Radios are used to receive microwaves which transmit audio signals across long distances. Radios work using a one-way signal, which means that you can receive radio signals but you can’t transmit them, Walkie-talkies however work on a two way signal, which means that not only can you receive a radio signal, you can transmit them as well. Using this technology is rather simple, all you have to do is tune into the right frequency and then you are free to receive or transmit radio signals.

One of the biggest advantages of using walkie-talkies to communicate between people across a short distance is that it is relatively cheap to use and you can contact the other person instantly. You can also widely broadcast your signal meaning you can reach out to a much wider audience, companies and businesses take advantage of this by advertising or sponsoring major radio stations. There are a large number of major radio stations which can be accessed sing the radio, internet, phones and even your mp4 player.

Radio has a large number of dedicated listeners, but their mainstream audience is decreasing dramatically due to the lack of multi-media, which means as people would much rather watch the television or surf the internet instead which can cater to more of their needs than the Radio. Paper

Paper Based Communication is anything that can be written, printed, typed or drawn onto paper. Both written and graphical information can be used in paper based...
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