Mini Usa: Finding a New Advertising Agency

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, BMW Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: November 5, 2012
MINI USA: Finding a New Advertising Agency

This recommends MINI USA to find the characteristics of a new advertising agency in order to a marketing success. BACKGROUND
After 5 years working with SRR Mini have to find a new agency as SRR have take the account of a competing German automobile manufacturer. Mini is included in the BMW Group, but the have their own division for the Mini an all the models thet produce, as Mini communications have been totally different that BMW have done, MINI have been a brand that have worked with very creative advertising that really worked, and have experienced all types of creations in traditional advertising and nontraditional, as they have to fade a change in the agency they must choose the appropriate one, they do not want the potential customers to lose the purchase intent and make the product begging the decline product life. Also MINI USA have to prove in the next campaign that they were not lucky and they are really working really well and can improve the sales. RECOMMENDATION

This recommends Mini USA to look for a creative full-service agency that has enough size and background to know all the national market in order to generate new advertising that can fulfill their marketing plans in a satisfactory manner by creating new interest among potential consumers and to continue to grow in sales. RATIONALE

1. MINI is in need of a full-service advertising agency,
Creativity is one of the facts that made the MINI really successful, not only the advertising but also the design of the car, creativity is something that always have to go with MINI but they also need an agency that can be involve in all the process necessary to achieve their goals and create a growth of the MINI feeling that customers and target audience have about MINI. A full-service agency can provide them supplies in advertising but also public relations and interactive media that is one of the fields in which MINI is expandable as the target...
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