Movie Review: The Brave One

Topics: Johnny Depp, Startle reaction, Attack Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Movie: The Brave One
Actress: Jody Foster playing Erica Bane
     In The Brave One, Jody Foster plays Erica Bane she is the host of a radio show call Streetwalk.  The movie starts out showing her happy.  She is planning her wedding, picking out colors for invitations.  She attends a friend's art show.  He fiance show up to surprise her after he says he can't come.  They walk home together arm in arm.  They then get their German Shepard, Curtis, and take him for a walk in the park.  They throw a ball and Curtis runs into a tunnel to go get it but doesn't return.  After a few minutes they go to look for him.  In the tunnel there are two mean with a video camera and they are holding their dog.  Erica and her husband ask for the dog back but they two men start to taunt them.  They grab at her and begin to hit them both very violently.  They beat them with a metal pipe and all the time they are video taping and the dog is barking.  Erica wakes up in the hospital where they tell her that her fiance is dead and they have already buried him.  She has been out for several days.  There are detectives at the hospital viewing a body of a murder victim.  They talk to the dead woman daughter who is in the waiting room and her step father shows up.  The detectives ask Erica to look at some mug shot and what she can remember but it hard for her to talk about and she doesn't remember much.  She returns home and starts having flashbacks of the attack.  She wakes up in the middle of the night and takes some kind of pills.  A friend calls on the answering machine and asks to take her out to do something but she just ignores the call.  When she leaves the apartment, I child on a skate board startles her and she seems agitated.  Erica then goes to the police station to see about her case and she is told to wait.  After a while she leaves and you get the sense that she feels helpless.  She goes and tries to buy a gun.  The man at the store tells her that there is a thirty day waiting...
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