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Topics: Management, Finance, Risk Pages: 7 (1511 words) Published: July 3, 2013

Graduate Programs in Finance
Fall Quarter, 2011
FIN MF 820 Financial Policy
Thursdays: 7:15-9:55

Instructor:Dr. Shahriar Khaksari, CFA


The New Corporate Finance: Where Theory Meets Practice

Mcgraw-Hill Series in Advanced Topics in Finance and Accounting

Course Objective

This course is designed to allow students to develop a deep understanding of financial theories, techniques, and models applied to the study of corporate financial decisions. It covers aspects of corporate strategy, industry structure, and the functioning of capital markets.

The course consists of three segments. In the first segment, students do a comprehensive analysis of the assigned cases and prepare a written report that includes identification of major issues, alternative approaches, analysis of each alternative, and a concluding part in which students take a clear cut position in how they would approach the problem as a decision maker and defending their position.

The Case study is done by groups (three to four students per group). The text analysis should not exceed five pages. It should be typed and double-spaced. A lengthy summary of the case is unnecessary and redundant. The space constraint should discipline students to be concise at differentiating major issues from the less important ones. All the tables, graphs and related analysis, which are not counted in the 3-5 pages of text, should be attached to the text and carefully referred to. Any outside material should be footnoted or I will assume it is part of your opinion.

.Active participation in discussion is one of the most important benefits of case analysis, thus everyone should come to classroom well prepared and making contribution to discussion. The Presenting Group will have to turn in a detailed report on the case study on the day of their presentation.

All other groups will submit a three page report of their analysis.

The second segment of the course consists of the articles that will be assigned to be read prior to a particular class provided in the attached class schedule. Students should read each article carefully, take notes and prepare questions. Each student is required to bring five questions with important theoretical or practical implications to the classroom. These questions reflect the depth of students understanding of the subject matter. The instructor will ask a student (without prior notice) to ask one of his/her questions and have the other students respond to it. The question and answer are the basis for grades for this segment of the course.

In the third segment of the course, students should find a company or organization that is facing a financial decision. By carefully studying the decision, students should prepare a written case which subsequently will be distributed to other students in the class and will be analyzed similarly to the Harvard Business Cases. This part of the class is an innovative method in learning that will allow you to articulate a financial problem and communicate the problem effectively with others.

Writing style, effective communication, and presentation of materials are vital to the success in this part of the course. Students should identify the relevant set of issues and constraints with a style that makes the case interesting and stimulates critical thinking. The case is also going to be evaluated from the pedagogical standpoint, i.e. are the problem(s) discussed in the case significant and how well do they align with a body of knowledge or theory in finance. Criteria which the instructor will be looking for are: the effectiveness of the prepared case as a teaching tool, the potential to shed light on major controversies in an important area of finance, the ability to provide a better understanding of the application of financial...
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