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International Business Finance

AC 60048E

Module Study Guide

Level 6


You are expected to have a minimum of 80% attendance. A lack of attendance will probably result in you failing this module




Basic information about the module3

Learning experience4

Module summary4

Module aims and learning outcomes5

Content of the module6

Learning resources7

Teaching, learning and assessment8

Student support and guidance9

Evaluation of the module9


Welcome to International Business Finance.

This is a level 6 module that runs in the second semester.

This Module Study Guide should provide you with an insight into the International Business Finance module. It is important to read the Module Study Guide and, if you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope that you enjoy studying International Business Finance and I am sure that it will benefit you in your future career.

Dr Piotr Konwicki
11th floor Paragon Building

Basic information about the module

Module code:AC60048E

Module title:International Business Finance

Module level:6

Learning hours:200

Semester availability:Semester 2

Named pathways:BA Business Studies
BA Accounting and Finance

Pre-requisite module:None

Credits awarded for the

Module leader:Dr Piotr Konwicki

Professional accreditation: N/A

Timetable:To be determined

Learning experience

Module summary

Welcome to the International Business Finance module. I believe that your first impression when you read the module’s title was a question: “what is this all about?” If yes, then welcome to the club – initially I did not know either, as the term is very wide indeed. Is this simply an extension of your corporate finance and financial management classes with just a word “international” added? I looked for various ideas and liked one in particular: the Economy Watch (, the largest economics and finance quality open website, says that International business finance deals with financing businesses that operate across the geographical frontiers. The first thing which comes to mind after reading this description is therefore the role of financial intermediation – how does capital flow between various market participants, what is the role of banks in this process on an international level, are there any institutions other than banks involved and what instruments are used in financing the transnational businesses. The above points helped me to structure the course which will be divided into 3 sections;

Section 1: Financial Intermediation
Section 2: Banks and Shadow Banking System
Section 3: International Financial Instruments

Financial Intermediation
This section will look at types and characteristics of financial intermediaries; financial intermediation as delegated monitoring; liquidity transformation, bank runs and maturity transformation as well as financing sources and borrower characteristics.

Banks and Shadow Banking System
We will investigate of the principal functions of banks, risks in banking, including credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, market risk, sovereign risk, solvency risk, and operational risk. I will then take you for a journey to the world of hedge funds, private equity and money markets funds – these lightly regulated financial institutions combined provide most of the financing needs of companies. We will also look at the world of high-frequency trading (HFT) – finance students must be aware of the firms using complex algorithms to analyze multiple markets and execute orders based on market conditions. As of 2009, it is estimated more than 50% of exchange volume comes from high-frequency trading orders....
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