Online Advertising

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Online Advertising

Online advertisement refers to the marketing and promotion of various products and services on the internet by an individual. The aim is to create vast awareness to people all over the world by the use of World Wide Web and the internet. Entrepreneurs have been using so many options to carry out online advertising so as to increase their sales and achieve their objectives. The kind of online advertising to be used should be carefully selected in order to achieve the expected results in the online advertising process, (Plummer, 2007).

There are three distinct options any individual that wants to promote his products and services could go for; Pay per Click (PPC) Pay per Impression (PPM) and Pay per Action (PPA). Any individual that uses the Pay per Click as a type of online advertising normally pays the website owner only when their Ads have been clicked by people. The advertiser agrees with the publisher on the fixed charge per clicked Ad. This is very reliable since it enables more people to have awareness of products and purchase them. Examples of Pay per Clicks (PPC) include; Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Yahoo Search Marketing.

If an individual employs Pay per Impression (PPM) he will be required to pay only when his Ad has been displayed on a certain web page. This is a very good way of creating product promotion to people who visit other sites. Examples of such types of online advertising are banner Ads and Popup Ads. For the Pay per Action (PPA) it involves purchases made and submission of forms that are connected to the advertisement and after this is done, the advertiser pays for each activity. This type of online advertising is well known to boost sales for the advertiser. The major examples of such online advertisement option include; affiliate programs and pay per sale. The use of video Ads is...

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