Online Advertising Trends in Educational Institutes

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“A study on the Online Advertising Trends in the educational sector at” For

GlocalEdge Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Prepared for the Mumbai University in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree in... MASTERS OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Submitted By:

Roll No: 85, MMS: 2009- 2011 Under the guidance of Prof. Thomas Mathew

St Francis Institute of Management and Research, Mt. Poinsur, S.V.P Road, Borivali (W) Mumbai. Batch: 2009-2011

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I consider it my privilege to express a few words of gratitude and respect to all those who guided and inspired me in the successful completion of the project. I wish to take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Kush Jain (founding partner & CEO, GlocalEdge Consultants Pvt Ltd) and my guide and reporting manager Mr. Kartik Kakar (Operations lead, GlocalEdge Consultants Pvt Ltd) for their invaluable guidance throughout my project. I sincerely thank GlocalEdge Consultants (Pvt) Ltd for providing me with an opportunity to work with ‗‘. I thank the whole team at GlocalEdge, who attended to all my requests and helped me to the best of their abilities in all stages of the project. I also convey my sincere gratitude to my faculty Guide Prof Thomas Mathew, St. Francis Institute Of Management & Research, for the guidance, inspiration and constructive suggestions that helped me in the completion of this project. Last but not the least I thank, all my friends and my family for their encouragement and support extended during the course of my project. Kevin Antony Jon MMS

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The report presents the results on “Studying online advertising trends by educational institutions for Glocal Study”, conducted as a part of, a venture by the new-age digital marketing company, GlocalEdge Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. The study was aimed at gaining an understanding of various media of advertising used by the Indian educational Institutions, their effectiveness in attracting students and Return-oninvestment in advertising activities. Along with the results of the study, this report also gives an insight into the current scenario of advertising in the Indian educational sector, a brief about GlocalEdge and their portal, and some information on their competitors and their offerings to the clients.

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For the primary research, a questionnaire was adopted to collect feedback from the respondents, who were the marketing-incharges of selected educational institutions in Delhi/NCR region. Also, various education portals were contacted by telephone and e-mail to collect data regarding their

advertisement offerings, their features and prices. Secondary research was done mainly to collect statistics regarding the Internet usage in India and advertisement patterns adopted by the educational institutions in India. Various competitor sites were closely observed to study different offerings, advertisers & off line marketing activities on the respective sites.

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Sr. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Topic Company Profile Hierarchy SWOT Analysis Introduction to the Topic Need For Study Research Objectives Research Methodology Data Analysis & Interpretation Findings Recommendations Limitations Conclusion Learning Bibliography Appendix Page No 6-7 8 9-11 12-31 32-33 34 35-36 37-64 65-71 72-73 74 75 76 77 78-89

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GlocalEdge is a new age marketing company that provides marketing services to its global clients using an offshore delivery model. GlocalEdge enables its customers to gain a competitive edge by giving them access to low-cost assets for their daily marketing requirements. It provides services like Internet marketing, content management and analytical

marketing services to its...
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