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Now lets tackle about the history of Advertising here in the Philippines:

Advertising started in the early times when messages were carved in stone plates and notices were printed on walls. It was the only form of advertising then.

Outdoor advertising was an industry by itself for a long period of time until print (in newspaper and in magazines) and radio broadcasting were introduced. It was through the years up to the early 1960’s in the Philippines when outdoor advertising was still regarded as a primary medium of advertising, when billboard operators and owners organized themselves into one, cohesive and solid voice. Thus, on AUGUST 13, 1964, the OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS. (OAAP) was formed. Its purpose was to promote growth of outdoor advertising in the Philippines by establishing its own Code of Ethics.

In 1974, OAAP was placed under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Council for Print Media (“PCPM”) under the late General Hans Menzi as per Presidential Decree No. 576. This decree provides PCPM the authority to set rules and regulations for the discipline of all mass media under its supervision.

In 1976, the Metro Manila Governor, Imelda Marcos, in line with her cleanliness and beautification drive, decided to demolish all billboards especially movie ads and neon signs along Roxas Boulevard and Luneta.

In May 1974, OAAP became one of the charter members of the Philippine Board of Advertising now called the Advertising Board of the Philippines (ADBOARD).

ADBOARD, being the mother and umbrella association of nine (9) member-associations such as OAAP, PANA, 4As, ASAP, UPMG, IBA, MORES, KBP and CAAP, also has its own Standards of Trade Practices and Conduct representing the trade practices from various advertising sectors, with which OAAP is the only recognized outdoor advertising association.

The OAAP is presently working with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on the current issue on billboards and likewise continues to coordinate with other government agencies and other sectors of the society.

Today, after Forty Five (45) years, the OAAP stands proud of its position as the self-regulatory body for outdoor advertising practitioners. We now have more than a hundred active members all over the Philippines.

Today, OAAP has adopted a new Code of Ethics and AdBoard’s Standards of Trade Practices & Conduct in the Advertising Industry for implementation and enforcement.

Earlier we site some factors affecting the choice of the children in picking the right course for them. In the Philippines we limit it to only four Parents, Salary, School and In-demand.


Philippine’s culture is to make a good education for their children then find a job. Our parents tend to make decisions in the sake of our future. As their child and to show respect we force to follow but that is not a good thing. Parents should not make the decisions for their children because it is not their future.


Money makes everything. If the family cannot support the tuitions of their studies on an expensive course they might pick what will fit on their income and prior to that the next is


School and incomes correlated because in some instances schools like PUP do not offer medical courses so the student will be going to the course they didn’t like and because of the salary issue they cant afford to study on the private expensive school. Another factor in the school is the distance, the main question is how far is their home to the school and it affects also the income for the fare, food etc. and lastly the

In-Demand Courses

According to PRC the in-demand courses here ing the country are


There are no advertising courses on the list, meaning to say some of the students on the PUP Advertising courses are not supposed...
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