Outdoor Advertising in China

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DefinitionOutdoor advertising is a form of advertising delivered in high-traffic outside locations.

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising, but is still considered to be effective depending on the medium. It takes on a very large definition as such, as it can be identified as any possible sign displayed outside the company premises. A largely known example of outdoor advertising is billboard advertising, which represents the largest segment of outdoor advertising and holds the greatest visibility. Outdoor advertising is expanding and proves itself to be a viable, effective and, with new technology, and increasingly attractive form of advertising, despite governmental and legislative attempts to crust its progress.

This alternative outdoor media was originally developed for bridge gaps in urban centers, and has grown today into a sophisticated and viable business. The objective of these ad forms is the targeting they provide, and their synergy within micro markets. Alternative outdoor media is a cost efficient means to promote a big brand with constant presence on a local level. Today outdoor advertising offers a portfolio of settings and frames that are custom built for every imaginable need a marketer might have.

Outdoor advertising does not consist only of signage and billboards but also encompasses an order of displays to include aerial and transit. The outdoor media covers a broad range of advertising opportunities with varied reach and selectivity. There is a suitable outdoor media for most purposes and budgets, starting from aerial advertising to street furniture. When advertising is focused on the young generation and is done with a youth focus, is usually concentrates on alternative outdoor advertising, such as posters and flyers.

Inexpensive printing costs makes poster advertising a visible and a profitable solution for businesses, who desire to gain more visibility among large audiences. Posters provide a high level of exposure and are relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertising. However, careful planning must be taken beforehand in order to ensure timely design, printing and distinct distribution. Poster advertising can be considered most effective in areas where people are constantly in movement and in place only for a brief time.

Therefore the message will be read and fully comprehended. This is why posters are made distinct, big and clear.

Many factors contribute to this growing interest in outdoor advertising, such as long-lasting billboard substrates, vinyl and flexible-face fabric, large-format digital technology, some of which can spew out a billboard in less than an hour, expanded niches and creative uses of 3D, fiber optics and other spectacular effects on billboards.

The outdoor-advertising market expansion also includes the out-of-home concept which can be defined as signs that promote a business off-premise. It encompasses advertising not only on billboards but in other places that provides high level of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Some of these out-of-home advertising places include bus shelters, station platforms, underground shelters, street furniture, airports, shopping malls and painted walls.

Billboard adverts offer high impact, strategic positioning and market-to-market coverage with unparalleled means of reaching the highly mobile consumer audience of today. Billboards are exposed all the time. They are clutter-free messages in a customized environment and desirable suburban coverage. Billboards are to be seen everywhere in China. Almost every surface contains a huge billboard advertisement by Nokia, Fujitsu or some other grand international company.

Street furniture is a versatile and prestigious mode of advertising. It effectively targets population segments or can be used to reach a broad-based market place. Various formats may range from simple to interactive and locations vary from urban...
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