Peanut Butter: the Difference in the Nutty Advertising

Topics: Peanut butter, Peanut, Target Corporation Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Peanut Butter: The Difference in the Nutty Advertising
Peanut butter is an all American snack food; it is a basic staple in most kitchens. Why is its creamy goodness so appealing to us? Could it be because we all remember the PB&Js of our childhoods and find peanut butter a comforting memory of a simpler time? Or does peanut butter’s natural nuttiness appeal to one’s healthy lifestyle? Ask people to name their favorite brand of peanut butter and we will likely get a few different answers. Although they share the same basic product, there are definite differences in how these particular brands position themselves in the marketplace. Jif and Peter Pan initially target two contrasting markets and then both issue the same benefits.

The ad for Jif peanut butter shows bold white print embedded on a sepia background with a large picture, followed by a smaller picture and ends with a nationally known slogan at the bottom of the page. The large picture shows three jars of peanut butter with a scoop of peanuts above each jar varying in size from small to a bit bigger, to a very large scoop above the Jif jar. There is bold print above that picture alluring the consumer with a pun which reads “JIF HAS THE SCOOP ON FRESH PEANUT TASTE.” Below the bold print and large picture is a small photograph of an all-American mother and her son both smiling, getting ready to bite into bread smothered in Jif peanut butter. Underneath that photograph is the famous slogan, “Choosy mothers choose Jif.”

The ad for Peter Pan peanut butter shows a large picture of an all American boy and his ball glove, with freckles, a big grin and wearing a blue baseball cap holding a piece of bread smothered in Peter Pan peanut butter. To the right of that picture, in dark print on white background the print states “Youngsters prefer Peter Pan Peanut Butter.” Above that print is a much smaller image of the same boy and a woman, presumably his mother, holding a jar of Peter Pan peanut...
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