Perception of Male Advertising

Topics: Man, Advertising, Gender Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Perception of Male Advertising

Bordo writes to use in her essay, Beauty Rediscovers the Male Body, about her personal point of view on how the male modeling industry of today is viewed. She gives us stories from her personal life to help illustrate the points she makes throughout the essay. One of which is found early in the essay. (p.189)… “This ad made no such pretense. It caused me to knock over my coffee cup…Later, when I had regained my equilibrium; I made a screen-saver out of him.” This is a great example of how many of Bordo’s generation views male’s advertisements with little to no clothes on. Bordo continues on with the essay to talk about how different body types of models will portray very different messages to the reader and so forth. Frankly, I see the male modeling as negative and non-effective in today’s society.

Male models of today are often seen shirtless or without clothes for the most part in many of the ads we see today. These models appear muscular and in superb physical condition, not to mention abounding with confidence and masculinity. In her essay, Bordo calls models like these “rocks” saying “…they have chosen to present themselves: as powerful, armored, emotionally impenetrable.” (Brodo, p.203) I find that many men, to whom these ads are directed towards, see this “rock” type person, and are often times enveloped by the models features and not the advertisement itself. When I look at models such as the ones I have selected in this paper, my gaze is directly focused upon their muscular bodies, and chiseled faces. I find when this happens I don’t stay looking at the ad out of disgust. Who am I to gaze upon men? I’m not homosexual by any means, and I do not find these ads to sway me into wanting this product

being advertised. When seeing these half naked men, I find myself disgusted by these revolting images. I feel many men see these ads and feel put down or discouraged because the models appear almost god-like, a step above...
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