Performance Appraisal of Dhaka Stock Exchange

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1.1 Origin of the Report

Project report is a part of academic studies. This is a reflection of academic knowledge through practical experience. Thus this project report aims to reflect the professional view of real world.

1.2 Objective of the Study

The main objective of the report is to analyze and explore the actual performance of Dhaka stock exchange. The major objectives are:

← To present a performance appraisal of DSE.
← To focus the specific function of DSE.
← To analyze different categories of share.
← To present the comparison of performance of DSE of last 5 years. ← To present initiative taken by DSE for improvement.
← To identify the problems.
← To suggest solution for the problems.

1.3 Methodology

The data is collected from reading related books, publication, collect from internet, and information from DSE library. Collected information is processed by the use of computer system.

1.4 Limitations
At the beginning of our work, we have some problem, like we did not get all relevant information. Another significant limitation of the study was time restriction. we have faced some other problems such as –unavailability of some information, technical problems etc.But we did not give it up, and we able to get over the problems and limitation.

1.5 History of Dhaka stock exchange

Dhaka stock exchange which is generally known as DSE is the main stock exchange of Bangladesh. first it was incorporated by as east Pakistan stock exchange association ltd in 28 April 1956.then it was renamed as east Pakistan stock exchange Ltd in23 June 1962.then it was changed to Dacca Stock Exchange ltd in 13 may in Dhaka stock exchange was discounted for five years following the liberation war of 1976 trading restarted in Bangladesh. the automated trading was introduced in 10 august 1998.central depository system was initiated in 24 January of November 16 ,2009 the benchmark index of Dhaka Stock Exchange crossed 4000 points for the first time. After a certain period it touched 9000 points. But in November 2010 DSE experienced huge market crash.

1.6 Formation

Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) is formed and managed under company act 1994,securities and exchange commission act1993,securities and exchange commission regulation 1994 ,and security exchange regulation 1994.the issued capital of the company is 500000 which is divided up to 250 shares each pricing Tk 20000.

1.7 DSE as an organization

Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) is incorporated as public limited company. it is a self –regulatory organization and its activities regulated by:

-Article of association
-Rules and regulations and by –laws of the exchange.
-Companies act 1994
-Securities and exchange ordinance 1969
-Securities and exchange rules 1987

1.8 Membership

The DSE has 238 members who are also shareholders of the exchange .the members are liquescence by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for conducting trading as stock dealer or broker. All brokerage houses have been corporative in 2006.

1.9 Management

Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) is operated under 25 members Board of Director. Among them 12 are elected from DSE members, another 12 are selected from different trade bodies and relevant organization. The CEO is the 25th official member of the board.

1.10 Objective of Dhaka Stock Exchange

← To provide, regulate and maintain a suitable building, room for a Stock Exchange in Bangladesh.

← To facilitate the transaction of business on the Stock Exchange and to make laws and by-laws.

← To promote, support and protect the charter, status and common interests of Stock and Share Brokers and Stock share dealer.

← To sell, exchange, Mortgage let to lease or sublet dispose of account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property.

← To invest any moneys of the Exchange not for the time being...
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